Do cats understand kisses


Do cats understand kisses? Some cats might not like kissing them on their face and might think you are trying to harm them, some cats tolerate it, and others might even like it.

Cats understand that kissing is how humans show affection if they receive them often. However, cats like to lick each other, and sometimes they might think that humans are about to lick them, which also signifies friendship and affection among cats.

Let’s know more about cats and kisses.

Do cats understand kisses? What happens after you kiss your cat?


Cats have different personalities that derive from their upbringing and breed. Surely you have observed that some cats do not like being held or touched, while others are eager to sit on your lap, be petted, or even receive your kisses.

My cats react a bit differently, depending on the mood they are in. The older cat, the scared one, allows me to kiss him when he comes to me to get his cuddle dose. I am allowed to kiss him on his nose and chin at that time.

If you are kissing your cat often, especially during cuddling time, they will soon figure it is part of how humans show affection. If cats tolerate or like your kisses, they can show it in the following ways:

  • They let you place kisses on their face without a reaction
  • They will purr
  • They will still come to you for affection
  • They will respond to your kisses by licking you or even exchanging the kisses
  • They rub their head on your face and hand

If your cat does not understand what kisses are and does not like them, you can figure it out by the reaction. For example:

  • They try to escape
  • They hiss
  • They try to bite you
  • They try to scratch you
  • They hiss
  • Their tail moves back and forth in a sign of upset


When kissing a cat, the first instinct is to kiss them on the nose. But some cats might get scared if you go too close to their face with your mouse.

But you can successfully place kisses on the chees of your cat and his head without scaring your cat too much. For example, some cats do not mind if you kiss them on the top of their nose in the center of their mouth.

But, usually, this happens during cuddling time, with cats that are extremely friendly or have a special bond with you.

When you want to kiss your cat on the nose, try not to move too fast toward him to avoid scaring him.


There is nothing wrong with kissing a cat, providing your cat doesn’t see it as a sign of affection. Each cat is different and might react differently. As long as you respect the sensible parts of your cat, there is nothing wrong.

Cats do not like being touched on the belly, so do not try to kiss your cat there, or he might think you are trying to bite him. Paws are very sensible, do not try to place a kiss there unless you know your cat well.

Trying to kiss a cat on the lips can be dangerous if the cat reacts and try to bite you.


If you observe a cat and leave with one, you will see that cats actually show affection and understand it. In their own way, of course. But, if you treat a cat well and show appreciation, like petting, cuddling, or just being nice to them, your cat knows it is a sign of respect and love.

Cats are very selective of when to come for cuddles or when you can touch them, some cats have very affectionate characters, and the only thing they want is to cuddle with their humans.

Unfortunately, not every cat is created that way (and not every human likes to be with other humans).

The fact that they are selective with their cuddling and may seem detached doesn’t mean they can’t feel your love or they do not love you or other animals. Cats have different ways of manifesting affections, depending on their character or breed.


Hugs are a bit different than kisses. When you hug a cat, you must come close and encircle them. As a result, cats may not like it very much, even though they understand it is a sign of affection. This is true for most cats.

Some cats want to be hugged; there are examples of it in videos shared on the web. While it is definitively not typical for a cat to like to be hugged, some want and search for this type of affection.

This video should show evidence that cats are capable of affection, love, and hugging. Of course, they can hide their sentiments, but in fact, they are lovable animals.

Some cat breeds, such as Scottish Fold, Persian, and Ragdoll, are very affectionate and are amongst the breeds that like to cuddle and do not mind being held or receiving a hug.


Cats have developed senses and are exceptionally sensitive to their owner’s moods. They understand when you are upset and if you are crying. But cats react in different ways to human crying.

Some cats will try to comfort their humans if they sense them crying. But some other cats could feel destabilized and scared if they perceive their owners upset and could stress out and become afraid.

In this case, cats might hide or disappear.


Do cats know you love them?

Cats know you love them if you see them showing affection toward you. If they think you do not love them, cats will stay away from you, ignore you, or demonstrate signs of stress.

What does a cat feel when you kiss them?

Some cats tolerate kisses from humans; others believe it is like another cat licking them and thus showing affection toward them.

Do cats understand when you talk to them?

Cats understand if you are talking to them, although they might not understand what you are talking about. If you speak to your cats, they might meow back at you or show that they know you are talking to them.

Do cats understand when I cry?

Cats have very developed senses, and they might figure out that there is something wrong with you based on your emotional state and the tears coming out. So some cats might come to you trying to comfort you.

How do cats show love?

Cats show love by purring, rubbing their head on your hands or face, kneading, licking your face, giving small kissing, sleeping on you, or even letting you touch their bellies.

Do cats understand their names?

Cats often understand their names if you train them to come to you when you call them or if you call them enough times. Some cats can even learn to come to you when you say their names.

Do cats like to be kissed?

Not all cats like to be kissed; it depends on the cat’s personality and sometimes even their breed. Upbringing can significantly affect how cats respond to human contact and display affection.

Is it okay to kiss my cat on the head?

It is okay to kiss cats on their head. The head is a more secure place to pet and touch your cat. The mouth, stomach, paws, and tail are very sensible parts that cats do not like to be touched or kissed.

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