About Us

Have you ever looked around on the web for information, and after 1 or 2 hours of research, you still could not find what you need?

Well, the idea behind this site is to fill that gap. We are cats enthusiasts who want to share our experience with others. My name is Vittoria, and I have had cats around all my life.

They are curious, funny, and yet complex pets to have around. Often clumsy but agile and fast most of the time, cats are there to make us laugh, but as we will share, cats can be beneficial around the house and, to some degree, can be trained.

What started as an adventure is becoming a professional journey, with new people coming on board to take care of the content, including vets and specialists (soon to be presented).

Meanwhile, I am the proud mom of two cats, one adopted from the local shelter and one adopted from another family. My parents already had many cats when I was young, and I learned to live with them very soon.

I met shy cats or cats that would follow us in the street like dogs for miles and still come back home totally independently.

And everything in between!

Coco is one of my cats. He is a never-ending source of inspiration!

While I managed to take a picture of him ( after one hour of trying), he came out perfect in it, while I looked weird!

This is Millie. With Coco, she gets in trouble all day long!

She is sweet, and playful, while Coco is shy. Strangely, they get along and she is helping him to become less afraid of others and play more.