Dorkycats.com was born and cared for by people who love cats and want to offer a valuable service to those who decide to adopt or own one.

We want to give our users a complete service of news, updates, useful advice, and detailed indications on how to raise your 4-legged friend correctly in various fields: from veterinary to food, from behavioral to play, and fun.

Anyone who chooses to raise an animal ultimately decides to become like a ‘parent’ for these kittens and must therefore do so responsibly, conscientiously, prudently, and definitively. There will be many questions, especially at the beginning. Our furry friends are not toys, and the moment we decide to let them into our lives and families, it must be forever.

Dorkycats has the desire to be your ‘instructor,’ your point of reference when you think you can’t do it alone. Here you can exchange ideas and advice with those who, like you, are assailed by doubts, perplexities, and uncertainties, so you never feel alone.

We will be close to you with expert advice showing you where to bring your life companions in delicate moments. When necessary, Dorkycats.com work with veterinarian and animal behaviorist to ask for advice and fact-check the information.


Hello, I am Vittoria, the founder of Dorkycats.com. I am also the primary writer and contributor to this site. I am a freelance writer with five years of experience writing in the pet niche, working with many experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

I enjoy writing and staying up to date about the cat world and everything required to take care of them in the best way possible.

I am a long-term writer and researcher, but it never is better than working on Dorkycats (with one or two cats around me!). I had cats for most of my life, and now I am the proud mom of two! (Coco and Millie).

Whether it’s reviewing cat foods or writing about other subjects, I’m excited about pointing cat parents in the right direction!

I am always happy to hear from readers. Contact Dorkycats at info@iamreallife.com