Why does my cat run ahead of me? Has ever happened to you that as soon as you stand up, your cat follows you and race ahead of you with the risk of creating an accident?

Cats run ahead of you because they want you to follow them, they saw you moving in a direction, and they want to run ahead to direct you to their desired destination properly. They want to make sure you are actually going where they want.

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It may have seemed to you that your cat has the purpose to make you trip or fall on the floor, and that is why he keeps putting himself between you and your destination. But this is not the case. The poor cat saw you moving and decided this is a good opportunity for him to guide your path.

Why does my cat run ahead of me when I am walking? Your cat is behaving like a dog in the case. He is trying to sneak between your leg to get ahead. Sometimes, however, they miss the target often and end up being kicked or stepped upon.

Cats, unfortunately, think that they can fit in the smallest places. When they see space between your legs, they try to get into it, but they don’t realize that they can’t fit through it before moving the next step and ending up being kicked.

You can see an example of this theory when your cat is sitting next to you, and you decide to stand up; as soon as he sees that you move, he is already jumping up and going ahead of you, leading the way.

My cat sometimes waits under the bed, and as soon as I move, he starts running toward the kitchen, talking in his funny way. At least my cat makes himself visible by his cat chat while he does it, so there are fewer chances I step on him, but it has happened many times anyway.


Besides the normal behavior of guiding you someplace, most commonly to the food bowl or the place where the treats are, cats may also try to play with you.

Why does my cat run ahead of me and why he tries to trip me in the attempt?

Younger cats may attempt to chase your feet when you walk. They are trying to play around; they may jump on your leg and try to bite a bit, or go for the foot and bite that one.

Since kittens are usually doing it, the biting is not that hard. It may just tickle you, try to play with the kitten, or give them another target to bite. Kittens are usually easy to redirect to some other targets. They bite on anything, make a ball roll, and you will see they will follow it.

If your cat is grown up and still tries to use your feet to play with, you may have a problem because your cat may not realize that it is painful for you. In this case, you may try to find an alternative toy for him to spend his time.


Again it is a behavior typical of a young cat. Kittens like to hide behind a corner and ambush you as soon as you pass by, cats are specialists at this, and usually, they are playing.

They are not doing it to really harm you. They would swipe at you, mainly your legs, jump at you, and then run away to hide on another corned.

Cats’ mysterious behavior makes us want to know why does my cat runs ahead of me? Or why do they swipe at us or even attack us suddenly?

My cat used to do this a lot, we even played chasing each other, and I would hide behind a corner, knowing that he would wait for me at the other side of the corner and jump at me. I would wait he would come close before turning the corner, and when he would jump on me, I would pick him up mid-air. He did not expect it.

When he grew up, he doesn’t do that to me anymore. We play running with each other. But cats like to play in those ways, and it is like hunting for them.

In some rare instances, if they are mad or feel threatened, they may swipe at you to let you know they don’t like whatever is happening.


Cats can be quite mischievous when they are in a playful mood. They like to play “seek and hide” with people.

I am the living example of this since my cat and I play seek and hide often. When he is in a playful mood, I start running, and he runs behind me to try to get me, then I turn and start chasing him. He usually goes and hides somewhere silly, like behind a pillow.

Somehow he thinks I can’t see him.

So cats do follow you and then run away. Usually, they follow you, poke you, and then run away, expecting you to follow them. When they act like this, usually they do not want to harm you; they want a playmate.


Here are some related questions to “Why does my cat run ahead of me?” and related answers:

  • Why do cats want you to walk them to their food?

Some cats really require special treatment for eating; you have to be with them when they eat or at least make sure there aren’t weird movements around while he is eating. Cats want to feel secure, especially when they are eating. Therefore they want you to follow them and bring them up to the food.

My cat is exactly like this. I have to watch him eat or start eating; otherwise, he doesn’t eat. If there are other people in the house, I have to be close to them while they eat, or as soon as I walk away, he stops eating.

If you have such a cat, you have to be patient with him and help him feel secure and comfortable in the house.

  • How to get a cat to stop walking in front of you?

It is a challenging habit to make your cat stop. You can try training your cat, knowing that he will get between and under your feet, on purpose stop and tell him “NO” each time he tries to do it, make him stop and tell him NO.

There is no need to scream. If you show your cat enough times that he should not do it, he may learn. There are ways to train a cat.

  • Why does my cat swipe at me when i pet him?

Sometimes cats are not in the mood for petting; there are moments when your cat wants to be alone and doesn’t like to be touched. If you try petting your cat when he is in such a mood, he may try to swipe at you. If you want to get him more willing to be touched, give him some treats, and when he eats, pet him, he will get more used to your petting.

  • Why do cats swipe at each other?

Cats typically play by wrestling and hitting each other; they like to run behind each other back and forth. If they swipe at each other is because they are playing. If they start growling and hissing, they may be fighting.


Why does my cat run ahead of me? I hope we were able to answer your question. If you want to add something, please leave it in the comments below.