Why do cats like the base of their tail scratched? Have you experienced cats arching their back and butt when you pet them at the bottom of their tail? And have you seen enjoying it? Let’s see why.

Cats like to be scratched at the tail base because there are stationed a lot of nerve ending; thus, it is a very sensible zone. A bit of scratching and petting is liked by cats, a bit too much, and can get the opposite reaction with cats trying to bite you and swing at you. If they like it, you see their back and butt arching and moving upwards.

Let’s find out more.

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Cats have some sensible spots in their bodies that are made for pet owners petting. We know which place to pet and scratch our cats to make them happy. Maybe we do it more to make ourselves happy. There is nothing better than a beautiful cat face sparkling with joy and purring.

Besides places like under the chin, behind their ears, in top of their head, there is another place that can create great pleasure to cats, and this is the bottom of their back or the base of their tail. It is un unsuspected place for a source of pleasure.

You must have experienced your cat arching the back when you pet him there, or you may pet him at the base of his tail. At this point, you can experience different reactions:

  • RAISING THE BUTT UP: your cat may raise his butt, inviting you to scratch him more and pet him more
  • ROLLING ON THE FLOOR SHOWING HIS BELLY: if he really gets a lot of pleasure, he may start rolling on the floor; my cat does it when I scratch him a lot at the base of his tail, he starts rolling on his back
  • TRY TO SWING AT YOU WITH HIS PAWS: if you scratch him too much, he may start to try to hit your hand to make you stop
  • HE MAY GET UPSET: he can start to meow, hiss, or growl at you. He is telling you that it is better to leave him alone.
  • IF IT IS A FEMALE CAT, SHE CAN BE IN HEAT: If you see a cat really liking the scratching at the base of the tail and raising the, but up a lot like she is mating, the cat is most probably a female, and she is in heat.
  • CATS CAN START LICKING AND BITING: cats can react most funnily when you start scratching them at the base of their tail. One of these is compulsively licking and biting.

Why do cats like the base of their tail scratched? If you know of more reactions or a different experience please write it in the comments below.

Otherwise, due to the nerve cumulating at the tail’s base, cats can react in different ways and sometimes lose control of their reactions, sometimes they are hilarious.

Some cats have a hypersensitivity issue, meaning they may be more sensible then others if touched at the base of the tail. If they are very sensible, it means that they may jump up and have wild reactions if you touch it.


Here some related questions to “Why do cats like the base of their tail scratched?” and related answers:

  • Why do cats raise their butt in the air?

When you pet your cat at the base of the tail, or the end of their back, and if you do it in the right dosage, meaning not too much, cats will raise their butt, inviting you to scratch more and continue petting; this is because they like it a lot.

  • Why do cats like their bottoms smacked?

Some cats may like to be gently smacked on their bottoms, near the base of their tail, because there are many nerves, and it is a sensible spot. Some cats would react like you are petting them or scratch them.

Cats are weird, sometimes you may never know what they really like, but one of the weirdest things cats like is to be smacked on their bottoms. Remember, gentle slaps. Like you would pet them with gentle slaps.

  • Are cats tails sensitive?

Cats tails are the extension of their spine; they use the tail for different reasons like balance, communication, and more. The tail is made of bones, muscles, and nerves. Cats use tails to show their emotions; tails let you understand what they think and what they are about to do.

Therefore cats tails are sensible places to touch, cats may not like you touching their tails, and some may even bit you if you do it.

  • Why do cats like their tails pulled?

If you gently touch their tail and pull, some cats may like it. They leave their scent on you; additionally, if they like you, they like to wrap their tail around your hands, feet, and so on. But cats do not like their tail to be pulled with force. It is painful for them.


Why do cats like the base of their tail scratch? I hope we were able to answer all your questions. If you want to add something, add it in the comments below.


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