Why does my cat rotate sleeping spots? It is normal to see a cat always sleeping in the same place. But it is also typical that you see the same cat moving to another location after a while, so it goes through the year. But why they can’t just sleep in their beds or the same place?

Unlike humans, cats do not sleep in the same place. Instead, they like to rotate from one spot to another because of security, temperature, comfort, quietness, scents, and lack of cleaning of their locations. However, sometimes they feel like sleeping somewhere because they decided it was a good idea.

Let’s see why cats move from one spot to another to take their beauty sleep.

Why does my cat rotate sleeping spots?


Cats are pretty habitual creatures. They like to eat at the same time, always in the same place if possible. They want you to come back from work at the same time, so you can feed them and play with them as usual. They also have their sleeping place or places.

Often they change sleeping spots for good reasons, and some other times, if you see a cat sleeping in odd places, it can also be a sign of sickness. Since they are routine animals, it is possible that if they change resting spots, they move to a place they will go back to in the future.

For example, my cat sleeps on my bed usually. If he moves from there, he sleeps on the kitchen chair. In summer, instead, he sleeps mainly inside the cupboard or closet. Now, I know that those are “his sleeping spots.”

If he suddenly moves and sleeps in the bathroom sink or any other odd place, I suspect something is wrong with him, and I would closely monitor his movements. But, of course, it is possible that he started to sleep in strange places because of sickness or any problem with him.

Maybe, he needs a new place to sleep in, but be aware that your cat suddenly sleeps in weird places.


Cats are not like humans. They are not supposed to sleep only on the bed or in one place for their entire life. Instead, they have reasons for moving from one place to another or room to room. Cats have the following standards to follow in choosing a sleeping spot:

  • How warm it is
  • How accessible it is for predators
  • How confortable it is
  • If it is private and quite
  • Far from food and bad smell

Here are the most common reasons for cats rotating their sleeping spots:


Cats are used to sleeping in different places when they are in the wild. Therefore, they do not want to leave too many indications to other predators of their whereabouts. In addition, moving often prevents other wild animals from finding them quickly.

They do the same in your house. They are even experts at finding small cracks to get into so they can sleep in peace without no one knowing where they are. So if you see them sometime in the bedroom and later on in the kitchen or bathroom, they do not want to be found.

You could observe the exact mechanism with mother cats. They used to move their kittens from one place to another to protect them. It is a cat thing to give stable points or indications of their location to others.


New pets or new people in the house can be a good reason for your cat to change sleeping location. For example, he could suddenly hide inside cupboards, under the bed, or in very high places. Fear of something new in the environment is often the primary reason cats change their sleeping spots.

For example, in my experience, my cat goes to sleep in the kitchen if someone else than me is in the living room. On the other hand, he will sleep in the room where I work or stay only if I am alone. The other cat doesn’t care if someone is in the house. She will sleep in her spot anyway.

Therefore, it depends a lot also on your cat’s personality.


Older cats or injured cats may not sleep in their usual spot if they have to jump or do a movement causing pain. If you suspect that your cat has a medical condition, you should see with the vet what the problem is and at the same time provide a few accessible places for your cat to sleep in.


If your cat is sick, he will try to hide and go to a place where no one can see him or find him. It is usual for cats to hide if they are not well because they know that they can’t fight back or defend themselves in the case of an attack.

If your cat is hiding and sleeps in places where no one can see him, your should suspect that he may be sick, and you have to bring him to the vet.


Cats like to sleep in warm places, but if it is too hot, they are looking for places to experience some relief from high temperatures. Therefore, it is common to see cats sleeping under blankets, near a heater, or otherwise warm places in winter.

During summer, you can see cats sleeping on the floor because they search for a colder surface to lower their body temperature. If your cat rotates sleeping spot between seasons, it is perfectly normal.


Believe it or not, cats do not like dirty places. Or at least my cats. I have seen my cat move to another location if he has slept for a week on the bed corner because he left a lot of hair there. Once I changed the bedsheets, he came back resting on the same spot.

It is the same with the cat bed. Once it gets dirty with hairs, my cats move to other locations. Maybe my cats are spoiled, but they move to another place once a spot is too messy.


Cats are disturbed by sounds like TV, radio, and other devices playing at high volumes. Cats will move to another room or another place if they do not like what they hear anymore. When sleeping, cats prefer dark and quiet rooms.

Even loud sounds coming from outside can be a reason for a cat rotating the sleeping spot. For example, my cats vanish to another room during street cleaning and do not come back if the sound is still there.


Why has my cat been sleeping in the same spot all day?

Your cat has been sleeping on the same spot all day because your cat is comfortable there. Cats can sleep up to 18h in some cases and then spend some days sleeping very little. Unless your cat has other symptoms, it is normal.

Why is my cat sleeping on the floor all of a sudden?

Your cat is sleeping on the floor suddenly because he is too hot and is looking for a way to cool down. If your cat sleeps on the floor suddenly in winter, it could be because the floor is warm.

Why does my cat sleep in the closet?

Your cat sleeps in the closet because it is a dark, warm, and enclosed area that makes him feel secure and in peace while he sleeps. He thinks no one will find him there and he can rest without problems.

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