Cats eating toilet paper has always been a mystery. Is it, though? We know that cats are curious animals and have to chew everything, but why are they obsessed with toilet paper?

Cats eat toilet paper because they are curious and like to play with it; they can chew it with ease and break it, roll in it and make a mess, they can shred it with ease, meaning win the battle with their “pray.” Cats normally go after paper, toilet paper, and even plastic to play. If a cat does it too much, it may have a health problem.

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I have searched for a satisfactory answer to this question, and besides some theories, I could not find the right solution to it.

Observing my cat’s behavior, I can figure that he likes paper because he can make it to pieces and play with it as he would play with another toy or even a pray.

He knows when I have a tissue next to me, maybe I use it to blow my nose (gross), and he somehow digs it out from my bag and starts chewing at it. I observed he does the same thing with plastic.

Kittens have to develop their teeth; for them, it is more natural to be wanting to chew paper; they have to grow up and pretend they are hunting. Grown-up cat s do this to a degree.

On the other side, a cat could be just stressed or anxious. Cats eating toilet paper could be an indicator of such stress or anxiety.

My cat mainly would not make the proverbial mess in the bathroom, attacking the toilet paper and rolling it out on the floor and then roll himself in it. But, he has an incredible instinct on finding all my tissues, especially at night, and chew on it, so that I have to hide all of them.

If by any chance, I leave one next to my bad, in the morning, this tissue has become 100 pieces.

I can see that he just want to play and paper fits all the characteristic of a cat perfect toy:

  • Chewable
  • Transportable: they can take it with their teeth and move it and hide it
  • They can cut in other small pieces
  • They can play with their paw with it

But again, my cat (Coco), in particular, I don’t ever remember he actually destroyed anything in the house, and I have been wondering lately if he is a “cat.” What about the cats that are obsessed with toilet paper and papers in general? What bout if this habit goes beyond regular play?


Cats eating toilet paper

In some instances, a cat who has to chew obsessively and eat objects rather than normal food could indicate a health condition called pica.

Pica (/ˈpaɪkə/pIE-kuh)is a psychological disorder characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive, such as ice (pagophagia); hair (trichophagia); paper (xylophagia); drywall or paint; sharp objects (acuphagia);metal (metallophagia); stones (lithophagia) or soil (geophagia); glass (hyalophagia); feces (coprophagia); and chalk. (Ref. Wikipedia)

Cats with these conditions have a nutritional deficiency. It is better to seek advice from the vet and follow his instructions.


Cats eating toilet papers raise more questions like it is wrong for cats to ingest paper? And what happens if they do? Here some common question and answer:

  • How do I get my cat to stop eating toilet paper?

If your cat likes to destroy any toilet paper roll, you could try a few things. For example, you can try using a toilet paper dispenser, keep your toilet paper out of reach from your cat, or replace the toilet paper with a toy that he would like to play with.

If you think it can be a nutritional deficiency (pica), you can ask the vet what to do and get your cat into a proper diet or medication.

  • Can cats digest toilet paper?

Cats can tolerate many of the things they ingest; a bit of paper is not harmful to cats, but too much can create an intestinal blockage. If it is too much, you should get him to the vet and see if he will be ok or need medical intervention.

  • Is it bad if my cat eats cardboard?

Like paper, if too much cardboard is ingested, it could create an intestinal blockage. You have to seek vet attention. A little bit is not a problem. Cats ingest tons of weird things. Somehow they are used to it.

  • Why does my cat rip up paper?

It is an instinct in cats to hunt and rip their prey. Cats use to mark territory too, so this combination of behavior can bring about cats ripping up papers.

  • Cats and paper, is there all?

I am significantly paying attention to what my cats are chewing on. I buy them tons of toys, I spoil them, but in this way, they play with them more than chewing on other things. They still find a way to find my tissue or climb my cupboards; however, one can limit the damage for them and the house directing them to a more healthy way of playing.


Yes, cats eat toilet paper, cardboard, plastic, and anything they can put their paws on. Let’s make sure they are safe while they are acting like cats! If you a question, please write a comment below.