Why do feral cats cry at night? If you live in an area with many feral cats, you may hear a concert of cats singing (or crying). But it is not pleasant to hear, and you are lucky if you can still manage to sleep for at least a few hours.

Feral cats cry at night because they are trying to mate, they are hungry, they are upset with other cats or into a fight, they are bored, they are sick or in pain. Typically, the main reason for the crying sound is coming from cats searching for a companion cat to mate.

Let’s explore the reasons for cats crying at night.

Why do feral cats cry at night?


Having one cat crying at night, or even more, than one cat can be a problem for those living near them. You may recognize the yowling of a cat typical of mating, or the one when two cats are angry with each other because of a territory issue.

There are even times when the night crying can be even more intense than other times of the year. For example, cats are trying to mate the most in February, March, May, and June.

You may experience a bit of peace from cats crying in winter, but not at all times. Unfortunately, the night crying is connected with the situation of feral and stray cats in your area, which should be resolved anyway ( more on this below).

Here are the main reasons for cats crying at night:


When cats are mating, various sounds and noises are involved, and the volume is relatively high and disturbing for humans to hear. It is a noisy business, especially the copulation where one can appreciate the cascade of screams and the meows.

The typical sounds you can hear are the classic trill from the female cat that aims to call and attract a male and the yowling of male cats competing with other cats for the right to mate. But, during the act, the female is the one screaming.

It is painful for a female cat because the male cat’s penis is theory or barbed. I know it sounds weird, but this is true. Mother nature made it that way because the barbs provide additional stimulation necessary to the female ovulation and thus getting pregnant.

This is possibly why after everything is over, the female cat becomes aggressive and decides to fight and attack the male if he is so stupid to stay in the vicinity, which of course, brings about more screams and cries.


When cats are in pain, you can hear them crying. But, unfortunately, anything can happen to feral cats. For example, they can be hit by a car, victim to another animal aggression or even a human attack, or otherwise get injured for hundreds of reasons.

In my experience, it is possible to figure out that crying from an injury has a different sound than the typical mating or fighting cry.


Well, cats fighting over a territory can give life to a whole night concert! Have you ever seen two cats facing each other and meowing, yowling at each other, without none of them retreating? Well, they can be there for a long time “singing.”

The territory is a massive issue for cats. For example, maybe there is a new cat around the block, and the boss is unhappy about it. The situation can become very complicated if there are many stray cats in your area because cats can fight for numerous other reasons.


Have you ever seen a cat terrified? Of course, but more importantly, have you heard how they are crying? I remember a terrified cat, crouched on a staircase, unable to move because of fear, yowling and meowing so loud that I could hear him from the five levels up.

An afraid cat can make a lot of noises in an attempt to get some help by attracting a rescuer.


When cats are sick, they are in pain and afraid. They sense that there is something wrong with them. They can cry for all those reasons, so they hope to get someone there to help them.


It is difficult for stray cats to find food on the streets, and water is even more challenging to find. As a result, they can go for days without eating and drinking. This is one of the reasons why you hear cats crying at night. If possible, it is always better to feed the stray cats and put them on a spay/neutering program to prevent the increase of the cat’s population.

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Cats have been at the center of many superstitions. Many cultures believe cats have this or that meaning in various situations. Some are convinced that cats bring good luck. Someone else thinks the opposite or thinks that only black cats bring deaths or misfortune.

For example, based on an old superstition, someone will die near the cat’s location when a cat is crying at night. Therefore, it is generally perceived as a bad sign or a symbol of a catastrophic event about to happen.

Some others believe cats to be connected with evil spirits and witches. The list can go on, depending on the geographical area and ethnicity.


Outside cats are challenging to control. However, there is still something you can do if you have an ongoing concert every night. I do not like people who mistreat or use violence on cats to make them go away or be silent.

If it is only one cat, the first thing to do is to become friends with him and have him taken care of by the local animal shelter when possible. Then, they may find a loving family willing to adopt the cat. Alternatively, if the cat is feral, they can help to capture and spay/neuter him or her.

If there is more than one cat, it is necessary to assess the situation and see what is best. Then, for sure, they have to get into the spay/neutering program. But, then, you simply have to involve a local shelter or an association that works on this activity.

Indeed, those cats still have to be taken care of, meaning if they are hungry or ill, it can always be a problem. But, maybe, you can work with your friends or the local people to find a cheap way to get them adopted, spayed, neutered, and organize shelter and food for the ones left that can’t be relocated.

In some instances, just going out and interrupting a catfight can resolve the issue so that you can return to sleep. Today, fortunately, we have many animal lovers, shelters, and associations that can help determine the problems with feral and stray cats.


Why do stray cats make weird noises at night?

Stray cats make weird noises at night because that is usually the time of most activity for cats. They play, fight, mate, and do everything in the dark, including loud meows and cries.

What happens if you hear a cat crying at night?

The worse thing that can happen if you hear a cat crying at night is that you will not sleep. Some people are convinced that it is a bad sign, and they will be haunted by bad luck and death. But, in general, it is not like that.

What is yowling in a cat?

Yowling is a sound, like a meow, but it is more appropriate to define it as a low peach sort of moaning. It is not a sound that a cat would use to talk to a human, but it is directed to other cats.

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