Can a cat be evil? I do not hide that the thought has crossed my mind here and there; somethings that cats do at times make you really think they are out to get you. Are those adorable pets actually evil?

Cats can be evil at times. Some cats have personalities that stand out from others; some seem to be more mischievous and spiteful than others; some come out with those personality traits only at times. Still, every cat owner had had a moment when their cat appeared in a different light, that was not only the adorable, fluffy cat they are used to.

Do cats have a secret agenda after all?

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There are many stories and superstitions about cats and black cats that attribute to cats’ magic powers. Cats are associated with witches and magic rituals; cats were prevalent in ancient Egypt, and it is said that gods would take their resemblance.

Some are saying that cats are out to get humans because they act in weird ways at times. Or because it is certain moments their eyes are flashing or looking spooky, mostly because of how the lights reflect on them, but still they look spooky enough to make us think they really do it on purpose.

What make as think that cats can be evil?


It is difficult to think that cats can be spiteful since they are animals, and they should not have emotions, standing to experts. However, if you had a cat or dog, you know that living entities do have emotions.

Coming back to cats, I never really saw a spiteful cat until I went to live with my brother for a month. I moved from the US to Italy and brought my cats. He already had another cat, Alvin. This cat was the definition of spiteful, and if there was a time where I could think that evil spirits could possess cats, that was one.

Alvin liked to sneak up on my cat, Coco, a timid cat, and swing at him or bite him, I thought it was normal because we were invading his territory, but he was doing out of some evil. I could really see his eyes.

This is Alvin, and he looks really mischievous. My cat, because has been dealing with Alvin, started to be spiteful too. He would get a swing from Alving; after 10 minutes, he would go and find him and swing at him too. I have never seen my cat being pissed off and ambushing other cats.

Alvin’s personality was one of a trouble maker. He was out creating damages in the house nonstop, while my own cats never really chewed on my computer cords, Alvin managed to destroy 3 of them, from my mac, of course, the most expensive. He was making things to fall, chewing on things. He could swing at you and be really mischievous.

He made my life miserable for a month, and the life of my cats even more miserable. He seems to be getting along with my brother, somehow. This is when you come to think if cats are about to get you and they are plotting against you, was he?

This is Coco, despite he is black, he was less possessed then Alvin, he is really a sweet cat.


Have you ever seen cats’ eyes reflecting light? They are really spooky, and it seems that there is a ghost in them. If you saw it, you could swear that cats are evil. Cats’ eyes and the way they look are the main clues as to cat evilness.

They may think they are possessed or that their real nature is being shown to humans. They sure look like they have inner energy and powers ready to be used. After all, are they pretending to be nice and fluffy, while instead, they are plotting against us?


Let’s face it, how can you say no to cats? It is almost impossible not to do what they want; when they come to you with that sweet face, purring and meowing and rubbing against you, sometimes kissing you, they really win you over.

Cats do not meow to talk to each other generally, or at least they do not do it between them as much as they do it with humans. Cats know how to look pretty and adorable. Normally this is not a point of demerit.


If you have a pen on your desk or put something on the table, cats will sneak behind you and throw whatever object is on the floor. Then you pick it up and put it there again to have it thrown on the floor also.

Is your cat trying to get even with you or doing it on purpose? It is a bit of an evil twist in some things that cats do that makes them appear like they want vengeance.


Some cats could get back at you if they do not like what you are doing, some cats are found to poop on the floor if you do not let them out, and similar stories around the web. Is it so? I can tell you about a personal experience.

My shy and well-educated cat, Coco, has been with me for a year, suddenly I had to leave for work, and I started making my luggage. He, of course, jumped into the open luggage; I thought he smelled around, so I let him. At some point, I saw that he was positioning himself as he does in the litter box. When I got there it was too late he had already peed in it.

My cat is with me for over 2 years now, and he has never, never, never peed elsewhere than the litter box. That was the only one time he did that, which coincided with the only time I was leaving him alone since when I knew him. If I did not know better, I could swear he was upset I was leaving and wanted to stop me and get back at me for trying to “abandon” him.

He did not stop me, but he delayed my plans since I had to get new luggage and wash the clothes I had in it. His plot did not fully work.

Can a cat be evil? Let me know in the comments below if you have any other experience with cats that show an evil side.


Despite superstitions and the common belief that cats are selfish and evil, who are accustomed to cats and live with them knows that cats have different traits and personalities. Some cats are more cuddling than others, and some cats care more fighters and have a little evil twist.

All cats cat have that moment when they display their dark and mischievous behavior. But then they come back to be the adorable and affectionate pet you adopted. In my experience most cats are actually great companions, they can be affectionate, they can play with you, they have their ways to show love.

Like Alvin, who demonstrated to my cats and me what an evil cat could do, some cats are the exception. However, even Alvin was cute at times and digging a bit more, and I found out that he was left alone at home a lot at a young age and did not have enough interactions to make him a social cat. He wasn’t raised properly.

Can a cat be evil? Yes and no, I do believe, based on my experience, that bad events can make them to act like evil cats. But that would make some sort of sense.


Here some related questions to “Can a cat be evil?” and related answers:

  • Why are cats hated?

Not everyone has to love cats, and some people really do not like cats; maybe they like better dogs or other pets. I think cats are hated for being so independent pets, owners can’t domesticate them like dogs, cats are unpredictable, and some cats make the house a mess. Additionally, many superstitions are still believed.

  • Do cats hate humans?

Cats do not hate humans but may dislike some humans and like more some other humans. They do have a way to show their preferences. Believe it or not, cats have personalities.


Can a cat be evil? Let us know your input, leave it in the comments below.


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