Why does my cat sleep under my bed? Do you have a cat that likes to sleep under the bed? Maybe he has a few fluffy and worms beds, soft couches available, yet he goes under the bed and rests on the floor. If you are searching for the obscure reasons that drive cats to do it, this article will go over it in detail.

Cats like to sleep under the bed to feel secure and be repaired from possible dangers, to release stress in case they feel under attack, to escape hot temperatures, they feel comfortable, there is a change in the environment they do not like, they are ill, or they are pregnant.

Let’s go into details.

Why does my cat sleep under my bed?


Cats are bizarre. It is not new. But, sometimes they have their reasons for doing them. Cats owners are busy buying the latest warm and soft bed for their cats, only to find out that their cats prefer to sleep in the bathroom sink, over the counter, and under the bed on the plain floor.

Humans do not like the idea of cats sleeping on hard surfaces or the floor. But, cats do not share the same preferences. Somehow cats have different priorities. The top one is their security and safety. If they have to choose between a soft bed and a cold hard floor, they will choose the floor if they think they are safer.

So what is so attractive about beds? Why does my cat sleep under my bed?


Of course, security is the first reason. If cats feel threatened, going under the bed is their first instinct. Cats can figure out that humans have difficulties reaching them when they go deep under a bed. Cats can also figure out that larger size animals can’t go down there, too, like bigger size dogs or other animals.

Beds provide security and coverage from the environment. They know they can sleep in peace without getting attacked. Cats may feel the need to hide under a bed if they see scary things in the environment, like new people coming in, vacuum cleaners, or another pet is chasing them. Typically, when cats want to sleep deeply, they will research a not easily reachable place. It is in their nature.


Cats like to sleep in dark places to rest better, dark places are usually quiet, and others may not see them if they are in the dark. Overall, cats like better dark places when it comes to close their eyes for a well-deserved nap.


Especially in summer, cats may like to go and splash themselves on the floor under the bed. The sun can’t reach there; therefore, it is colder than the rest of the house. Cats may find relief from hot temperature under beds on resting on floors. They have to deal with their fur, very useful in winter but not so useful in summer.


Often, when cats are sick, they do not want to have people around them. They want a calm place to rest and sleep and be protected at the same time since they would have a hard time defending themselves. Somehow they hide, waiting to feel better again.

If your cat is not a typical scared cat that hides all the time and suddenly starts to hide under the bed, suspect that he is not feeling good. Supervise him closely and if it is the case, bring him to the vet.


A few days or a few weeks before a pregnant cat delivers her kittens, she starts to locate a right and safe place for them. Cats can look to have kittens into cupboards, drawers, and for sure under the bed. If you have a pregnant cat, it is not uncommon to find her under a bed.


Then there is the typical scared cat or the cat that stresses easily. He would start running for his life as soon as something moves, a shy cat that trusts only one or two persons. This type of cat is continuously under the bed, in a closet, and under a chair. One of my cats is that way. He would sleep under the bed on the floor.

I even put a cat bed on his spot under the bed because I did not like him to sleep on the floor. He gladly accepted the bed. Until one day decided that he would start sleeping on the bed, I took away his bed, and since that time, he sleeps in other places. I won!

But, if a cat insists on sleeping under a bad, it is better to let him do it. They may feel less stressed if they have a place only for themselves. Make them a fluffy bed and place it in the spot they usually sleep on.


Humans are concerned when their cats are hiding under the bed, assuming immediately the worse. Maybe your cat wants some alone time away from everything. Let your cat be. Everyone needs a little time alone.


If your cat doesn’t sleep under your bed usually, but recently he started doing it, it can be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your cat is merely changing his sleeping place. If you have observed your cat, then you have noticed that cats sleep on a spot for a while and then move to another location for another period. After a few months, they move again to another place or come back sleeping on the original spot. It is usual for cats to change their sleeping location. Cats have their reasons to change sleeping places: security, comfort, temperature, and mood.
  • Your cat can be sick. As explained earlier, your cat can be ill and decide to hide under your bed. It is obvious when it is not a routine for a cat to sleep under your bed. Therefore, if a cat starts to do it suddenly, it is essential to closely supervise him and check if he is changing his sleeping place or sick.
  • Changes in the environment. New guests at home, changes, other pets coming in the house can all be reasons for your cat to change his sleeping habits and start sleeping under your bed.


If a cat hides under the bed or in another place and doesn’t come out of hiding for several hours, your cat may be terrified of what is going on outside of his safe location. Your cat can be scared about new people in the house, changes, maybe you recently moved, and he is terrified, new pets in the house, and more.

Your cat can also be sick. If there is no apparent change in the environment or nothing that you can see that can scare your cat, he is not feeling good. It is better to ask the vet for help.

When cats experience a significant change, they can stress and go into hiding until everything calms down. My cat could hide under a bed for three days after a move without eating or drinking, or using the litter box. I had to bring food and water under the bed along with the litter box. I am pretty sure he would not have eaten or poop otherwise.


Here are some related questions and answers:

  • Is it okay for my cat to sleep under the bed?

There is no reason to worry if your cat sleeps under the bed unless he is sick, and that is the reason for hiding out. But, normally, cats like to sleep in enclosed and dark places. It is in their nature. Under a bed is not even the weirdest place you can find a cat sleeping. Unless there is a danger, cats can totally sleep under the bed if they like to.

  • Why my cat sleep on my bed at night?

Cats know that you are sleeping at night. Therefore they feel safer to sleep next to you for your and their protection. They know that you are a safe person to be near to. Besides, you are sleeping, so you are not going to annoy them.

At the same time, they know that if there is a danger, you will protect them. Typically cats sleep, giving you the back, since they know that you are not going to harm them, and looking at the rest of the room, which is where a potential danger may come from.

  • Why does my cat sleep on my bed when I am gone?

Your bed has your scent in it. It is the closest thing that cats have that reminds them about you and makes them feel safe. When you are not at home, cats will find places that smell like you and sleep there to feel less anxious and secure. Your bed can also be comfortable.


Why does my cat sleep under my bed? I hope I was able to answer your questions. If you want to add something or ask anything, leave it in the comments below.

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