Why Do Cats Make Noise when Mating? If you heard cats mating, you know that it is really a noisy business. If you would not know they are breeding, you could think that one cat is being eaten alive by another cat. It is impressive.

Cats make noise, or better, the female cat is the one screaming during the mating because the male cat’s penis has tiny spines or barbs on it. The spines are painful when it enters the female cat, and as a result, she screams, cries, and can be so upset to attack the make cat after mating.

Let’s see in detail why a female cat is so much in pain to scream a lot during the mating process.

Why Do Cats Make Noise when Mating?


If you heard two cats fighting and then you heard two cats mating, you may not realize the difference. Mating for cats, at least for the female cat, is rough. So it is hard to think that the reproductive process for our feline friends is that weird. But it is!

We have to come to terms with this fact and realize that the female cat is experiencing significant pain during the act. Not so the male, who is responsible for the poor lady cries. The pain is due to the male penis with a surface full of small spines, which are painful.

There is a reason for this. Female cats are not ovulating without added stimulation. The spines rub against the female cat’s vagina and have the purpose of stimulating ovulation so that the female cat can become pregnant.

I am not sure why Mother Nature did not establish a better and less painful way for the female cat to ovulate, but so far, this is how cats do it. However, the female cat will demonstrate her dislike for the entire operation by fighting with the male cat after the copulation.

Smart male cats should run away as fast as possible after the fact; otherwise, they risk getting scratched or worse injuries due to the retaliation of the female.


Cats make a lot of noises during mating. But, the noises do not start only at the moment of copulations. Cats make a lot of sounds hours before they get to each other. They meow and vocalize to attract a male or a female.

If a male cat in heat sees a female, you may hear him calling her for many hours. Similarly, a female cat in heat can go for hours vocalizing in the hope of attracting a male. But, of course, the top of the noises is happening when they mate.

Here are the noises you can expect to hear in cats for reproduction purposes:

  • Trills
  • Trills meows
  • Meows
  • Soft trills
  • Cooing
  • Howling

The female cat emits a long series of mating calls in the form of trills, soft trills, and meows. Male cats can also vocalize. If you have a male cat at home, you are familiar with the night cries and meow. They do so because they want to go out to look for a female.

It is normal to hear your cat howling or meowing during the heat period. If your cat has seen a female through the window, you may listen to a lot of meows and even yowling.


During the copulation process, female cats experience a lot of pain. You know this due to her loud screams. Imagine undergoing a painful act without having the possibility to move because the male cat is holding you from the neck.

During these moments, the female gets upset and angry. Consequently, as soon as the male releases the hold, she is ready to strike and get a little revenge. The female cats act instinctively. She attacks the male cat in response to the pain.

It is more a spontaneous self-defense act than anything else. The female can attack a male cat also before mating if she doesn’t want to mate and if she is the object of the attention of male cats. She will try to claw at other cats until they leave her alone.


Female cats are aggressive after mating, not only toward the male cat near them. So if you are unlucky to get close to a female cat after the copulation process, you may become the target of the recent upset. But female cats also have other reactions.

After the act, the female can vocalize for a while and start rolling on the floor, rubbing her back against the floor or other surfaces. Then, she will lick her genitals repeatedly, and she can start looking for another male for a new mating session.

She may look frantic for a while, moving from one place to another, and she will seem acting irrationally. It is pretty standard because your cat has a significant change in hormone levels due to ovulation and heat, making her act this way.


Why do cats sound like babies when mating?

Cats make sounds like babies when mating because of the hormone and the moment’s excitement. But, in the case of the female cat, also because of the pain level during the act.

Why do female cats roll after mating?

Female cats roll after mating due to the excitement level. She is still trying to mate. In fact, female cats mate more than one time during the day. After the first intercourse, the female cat is still in heat and tries to get ready for the next session.

Why Does My Male Cat Bite My Female Cats Neck?

The male cat bites the female cat on the neck to keep her still during mating. She will be in pain, and the male is preventing her from running away before the end of the procedure. Biting the neck also has the purpose of helping the ovulation process in the female.

Will a female cat still be in the heat after mating?

Female cats will stop being in heat only after becoming pregnant or when the heat period is over. Therefore, one-time mating will not pull your female cat out of the heat.

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