Do cats attack rabbits? Maybe you wonder if it is safe to add to your household a cat if you already have a rabbit or a rabbit if you already have a cat. Can they get along with each other?

Cats in the wild may attack rabbits to feed themselves. Stray cats may attack rabbits or chase them since cats are hunters. Domestic cats can chase and attack rabbits as well. However, you have more chances to make them become friends. It is not uncommon to find households with both cats and rabbits as friends playing with each other.

Let’s figure out this bunny-cat relationship.

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Cats are hunters and thus cats attack rabbits. They go out and get onto other animals like birds, rabbits, mouses, and other such prey; they hunt even smaller things like scorpions, cockroaches, and so on. Domestic cats may hunt because of their instinct as a cat that prompts them to run behind preys, not necessarily because they are hungry since you provide food for them.

If you have a cat that use to go out, he is for sure going after some other animals, and maybe he is even bringing you some “presents” in the form of some dead animals. Somehow he is providing for you too!

Cats are good hunters. In ancient times when they weren’t kept as pets, they were supposed to provide for themselves. Therefore cats are made to survive through hunting, and that is how they developed their bodies and senses throughout the centuries.

If you want to introduce a rabbit to the household, we have to make some distinctions. Is your cat an indoor cat, or he uses to go out? If you have an indoor cat, he will probably not attack and kill a new family member, even if a rabbit. He may be aggressive of possessive of his territory. Nothing that can’t be solved.

If a cat is an outdoor cat, chances are he can be more inclined to hunt the house rabbit. In both cases, I would use caution in introducing them.

In nature, cats may be more inclined to hunt baby rabbits, not necessarily grown-up rabbits, because they are easy to get. I am just staying this so that if you bring a baby rabbit to your house, be careful.

Therefore, cats attack rabbits as instinct; not all cats attack rabbits. Some cats and some rabbits can be friends and play together.

Another important thing to mention is that cats normally learn hunting skills from mother cats or other cats they have seen hunting. If you had a kitten who has always been indoor, living with other cats and having a bunny as part of the family, the cat will probably not see the bunny as a prey. They most probably are going to become playmates.


Honestly, if you have a pet cat and now you wan to get a pet rabbit, the best solution is not to try to keep your cat away from a rabbit, but to make them become friends, in this way, you do not have to worry too much if you want to leave your cat and rabbit to move freely. Cats attack rabbits if they are not friends, cats can think they are a new family member.

Otherwise, the best defense for a rabbit would be a cat-proof hutch or cage. Your rabbit will have to stay inside the protected space and go out only if you have taken your cat in another room.

If you have a cat that lets you train him, you may attempt to teach your cat to leave your rabbit alone. I used to teach my cats a word: “NO.”

After a while, they understand not to do certain things. But my cats are indoor cats, are not going out, and haven’t killed anything besides a mosquito here and there that unfortunately decided to enter the house.

Therefore, I know my cats will not kill anything bigger than a mosquito, and I can train them. Still, you know your cats; therefore, if you know your cat is hunting, he may decide to befriend your new rabbit or not.

You have to supervise all interactions and see what your cat idea about the new family member is. Cats attack rabbits but know as well that rabbits may get protective and also become aggressive. Watch that your cat is not the effect of such aggression too.

If you have outdoor rabbits it is better to create enclosures around them that prevent other animals to reach them.


Believe it or not, rabbits can be quite territorial with other animals once they feel comfortable in the environment. They can use their teeth and legs to hit and scare other animals off.

So if a bunny becomes confident, may decide to go after the house cat, especially if the house cat is a shy one and annoy the cat. Cats attack rabbits, and rabbits may try to go after cats that they think are dangerous if they feel they can scare them off.

Cats may not like the rabbit’s personality. Since rabbits are more social and tend to go near others, cats often want to be by themself and decide when to reach out to others.

Aside from this, if you want a cat and a rabbit to get along with each other, you have to go by the gradient. If you are practical with introducing another cat to your first house cat, you probably have a good idea of how to go about introducing a rabbit.

  1. Let them know each other by the smell, place rabbit and cat in a different room for a while.
  2. Introduce the rabbit to the cat sometime each day, while your rabbit is safe in the cage. Observe your cat behavior and your rabbit behavior
  3. Finally, when your cat is used to the rabbit in the hutch, let the rabbit roam around the house while near your cat to see how he moves.
  4. Let them smell each other, be near them all the time, so if your cat decides to attack, you can stop him.
  5. Keep going until they both get used and become friends, and you can leave them free to roam around.

Can they get along? Yes, here some funny videos of cats and rabbits friends with each other:

If you are lucky, like the protagonist of this video, you have cats and rabbits become friends right away. It is not always like this.

But you know your cat, as I said before, you can predict a bit what your cat is going to do, even though you always have to be careful since cats and rabbits likewise can get nervous for reasons we do not expect or know.

Bunnies are hilarious and friendly. They are great pets, and so cats and dogs. If you want to get a bunny and you are concerned because you have a cat, know that you can eventually make it to get them to get along with each other.


Cats and bunnies are really an odd combination of personalities and odd friends. Rabbits are quite intelligent, usually social. They like cuddles and interactions with others, but since they have a long history of being hunted, they are also scared and may not like to be held. In this, they are similar to cats.

Cats from the other side are intelligent and social only when they like and want, cuddling only on their terms, they are territorial and mischievous enough to swing at people when they turn a corner. Cats attack rabbits, but cats can become best friends with rabbits too. We show an example in the video below. Those two are really an odd couple.

Bunnies may like to hop and play when cats like to be alone and sleep, but you have also bunnies that have different personalities as you have cats with different personalities.

Cats and bunnies require you to win their trust, so they are an odd couple, but they may have some common traits.

Know that if you have such an odd couple in the house, you may be really entertained by their interaction with each other. They are not going to let you be bored out of your mind.

Here is an example of a cat and bunny friends with each other for life (Cuteness overload!):


Here some related questions to “Do cats attack rabbits?” and related answers:

  • Do cats kill rabbits?

Unfortunately, yes, cats attack rabbits and kill them, especially in the wild and with outdoor or feral cats. Cats, however, do not go specifically for rabbits if they are too big. They may go after baby rabbits. As much as we like to think that cats are cute and not going to hurt adorable bunnies, it is not what really happens in reality.

  • Can rabbits defend themselves against cats?

The poor little bunnies do not have so much fighting capabilities. They have their legs and teeth as a defense and their running speed. Bunnies try not to get into fights; they are scared, and as soon as they hear something, they run.

Cats from the other side are very agile. They have powerful claws and teeth that can hurt. If they would be in a ring, there is not much doubt about who of the two will win.

  • Why is my rabbit chasing my cat?

Bunnies can be territorial, and if they see that a cat can be threatening, they can feel comfortable enough to discourage the cat from going after them, showing signs of aggression.

  • Can cats get sick from rabbits?

Like any other thing they eat, they can become sick from rabbits if the rabbit had an infection or virus that it is why a house cat that doesn’t need to hunt for food should be maybe trained not to hunt rabbits and other animals.

  • Can you have a pet bunny and cat?

Yes, it is possible; we have shown a few videos showing cats and rabbits happily playing with each other; therefore, it is definitively possible. The introduction is the most important thing for cats and rabbits; if done properly, they can become friends.

  • Are rabbits smart?

Rabbits are considered intelligent as cats and dogs, they can solve problems, follow the owner, learn some commands, and behave like a house cat or dog. They are smart pets to own.

  • Do house cats hunt rabbits?

House cats are normally not hunting. They hunt the toys mainly and play with what they are used to play if they are indoor cats. They still have their hinting instinct, so if they see a rabbit, they may go after them, if not to hunt, at least to play. Cats are still cats and may react unpredictably.

  • Do rabbits play with cat toys?

Your cat and rabbit may share the same toys, rabbit do plays as cats and dogs, they may chase balls and chew on things as well. Toys that your cat is using may be use by your bunny too.


Do cats attack rabbits? I hope we were able to give you good informations, if you have something you want to add please leave it in the comments below.


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