Are you wondering if can cats and dogs mate? It is a common question among pet owners, and it is inspired by the strange behaviors cats and dogs can have when together. In fact, some of them can behave in a way that resembles the act of mating.

While dogs can mount cats and vice-versa and move to resemble mating, cats and dogs can’t mate with each other and produce offspring. In times of overstimulation and heat, cats and dogs can try to mate to release some of the pressure, but they are not breeding.

Let’s see what cats and dogs can do when they try to mount each other and mate.

can cats and dogs mate


You may have seen your dog or your cat trying to mount each other, and some even doing it successfully and moving to mimic the act of mating. YouTube is full of videos of funny dogs “mating” with cats and vice-versa.

Usually, mating includes the concept of paring sexually with the intent of reproduction. Dogs and cats have been seen mating, or at least trying to perform the act of reproduction, but that action, besides a momentary pleasure or release from the heat, cannot result in the reproduction of kittens or puppies.

Technically, a cat or a dog can’t reproduce a hybrid after mating due to the different genetic. Therefore, although there are stories of people who report their cats giving birth to a dog hybrid or vice-versa, none of those stories has been fully verified as genuine.

On the other side, geneticists could produce a cat-dog hybrid in the laboratory, making somehow compatible cat’s DNA and dog’s DNA. Finally, they were able to recreate the embryo and implant it in the uterus of a cat. From this action, a cat-dog hybrid was born.

But what are the most curious reports of cats and dog hybrids?


Through time, many stories have circulated by different people about their cats giving birth to a hybrid after mating with a dog and vice-versa. We still do not know if those stories are true or not. We leave it for you to judge.

Here are some of the best reports of cross-breeding between cats and dogs:

1. Journal Of Heredity

The Journal of Heredity published a picture of what seems to be a cat-dog hybrid in 1937. There is no way to know if that photo was authentic, and in addition, there is no way to tell if the image was somehow altered.

According to the journal, a cat cross-breed with a fox terrier and based on the owner. The hybrid was also able to produce offspring.

2. Report From Professor Alessio Lemoigne in 1879

Professor Alessio Lemogne, a veterinarian, report a story in a paper of a cat-dog hybrid. Reportedly an indoor cat that had no way to go outside was presented to a dog. Two people report that they have seen the dog mounting the cat and that a few months later, the cat gave birth to one kitten and another non-identifiable creature.

Standing to the witnesses, the cat had no other encounters than the dog, and the creature that was born was considered so horrible that it was released in the streets. The other newborn was a healthy kitten who became a good-looking, healthy cat.

The witnesses were considered reputable, and they swear the cat was together only with a dog and with no other cat, and the result was hard to identify the creature.

3.Cat Looking Vietnamese Dog

A dog has gone viral on social media because he looks like a cat. His expressions, movements, and fur are cat-looking. It is believed that this dog is a hybrid coming out of the union between a cat and a dog.

There are no shreds of evidence that this is the case besides what everyone can see from looking at him.

4. Patch and Bones Story From 1970

Based on a report from 1970, a man claims that he could breed his cat patch with a Terrier called Bones. Based on witnesses, at the time, the animal had a dog’s head, cat’s legs, whiskers, and fur.

The story went viral across the U.S., and many reporters tried to witness the event. But, again, the story could not be fully confirmed, and there aren’t photos available at this time.


Dogs are often seen mounting objects, other animals, and even people at times. It is not difficult to find a dog with such a weird habit. Cats are funny, but dogs have their fair share of weirdness too.

But why would dogs try to mount a cat?

Dogs in heat have less self-control than cats and need to find ways to masturbate, for example, mounting, humping, and masturbating using objects, toys, other animals, blankets, and other creative ways.

Sometimes dogs do it when they play with other dogs and start doing it when they are just puppies. But, in general, dogs mount things when they are not allowed to mate with a female dog.

If dogs and cats live in the same environment and are in heat, it is not uncommon to see them mounting each other. Eventually, a dog could penetrate a cat, even though dogs try to get stimulated by the actions.

On the other side, cats can follow similar instincts and mount a dog for the same reasons.


Typically dogs would try to mate with a cat when in heat and need some sexual stimulation. Cats will do the same if they are in heat. If cats and dogs live in the same house and are not sterilized, it is possible that they would try to mount each other.

Cats can also try to hump a dog in an attempt to play or establish dominance. Some cats or dogs, when in heat, can become aggressive and prevent accidents. It is better to take some precautions. Here some things you can do:

  • Sterilize cats and dogs
  • If they are in heat try to keep them separated for part of the day
  • Provide plenty of toys and play time with cats and dogs

Typically, cats would let a dog know when receiving too much attention by using their paws and nails or would try to hide, but it is not always the case. Make sure a cat has enough hiding places in case it wants to hide.


Can cats and dogs sleep together?

Friendly cats and dogs can sleep together. Once a cat and a dog are familiar with each other and became friends, they can sleep together, play together and be very close to each other.

Can a cat impregnate a dog?

Cats cannot impregnate a dog due to different genetics. Cats and dogs do not share the same DNA and cannot become pregnant from each other. There have been claims and stories around the web about hybrid cats or dogs, but technically it is impossible.

What would happen if a cat and dog mated?

Dogs are cats would have a hard time mating successfully, due to the different sizes of the reproductive systems. If it still happens it can result in some injuries, but it will not result in a pregnant cat or a pregnant dog.

Can dogs be attracted to cats?

Although, dogs are naturally attracted by other dogs, at times dogs are so friendly with cats and follow them everywhere, that it may seem that dogs are attracted by cats. Even when dogs are mounting cats, it is because of play, or the necessity to get some release from their heat period, it is not due to a natural attraction.

Can dogs and cats get along?

Cats and dogs can get along in many circumstances. For example, indoor cats and dogs have higher chances to get along than wild ones.

Friendly cats and dogs may pre inclined to be friendly with other pets and get along. Also, cats and dogs that grow together have high chances to get along with each other. Proper introduction plays a big role in how cats and dogs will get along in the future.

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  1. It is a very common question among pet owners whether cats and dogs can mate. Although cats and dogs can show behaviors that resemble mating and can even mount each other, they cannot mate and produce offspring. The genetic difference between them makes hybridization impossible. In fact, reports of cross-breeding between cats and dogs are anecdotal and have not been scientifically proven. However, some pets can try to mate with each other due to overstimulation and heat, but it is not breeding. Pet owners can prevent this behavior by keeping their pets separate and providing them with enough attention and stimulation. Overall, while cats and dogs can have a good relationship, it is important to remember that they are different species with different behaviors and needs.

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