So your cat is in the heat? The better question is how to calm a cat in heat? Most probably, your cat is going crazy, and he is doing what a cat in heat does, which means being vocal, attempt to escape, or worse damage the house. Luckily there are some ways to calm down a cat during his heat period.

There are ways to calm a cat in heat, such as using distractions, keeping the cat worm, isolating the cat, using natural calming products, cleaning the litter box, catnip, and using a pheromone spray. Tranquilizers can help, but it is not recommended.

Let’s see the details.

how to calm a cat in heat


First of all, it is essential to figure out the signs that give us a clue if our cats are in heat. If cats are not fixed, they use to go in heat every two to three weeks. It is that period when cats are ready to mate, and unless they can satisfy their needs, they will continue to behave in a certain way.

But, what are those signs? If your cats are behaving this way, the chances are they are in heat:

  • Excessive vocalization: loud meows and crying. Suddenly cats start to be vocal and loud
  • Restless: cats seem anxious, going back and forth
  • Increase affection: cats may want to rub against you, against your hand, on furniture around the house to leave their scent. Cats will start to be demanding and pushy
  • Excessive grooming: cats would increase grooming in their genital area to find some relief
  • Wanting to go out: cats may try to escape or trying to have you open the door to go out. They may meow and complain about it or go near the door waiting for you to open
  • Buttocks in the air: for female cats, you can see them raising their butt and forelegs bent, mimicking the mating
  • Less appetite: cats have less appetite during this period.
  • Urine spraying: cats may spray to mark territory when they are in heat
  • Rolling on the floor: when in heat, cats use to roll their back on the floor

When cats display one or more of the above behaviors, the chances are they are in heat.


When cats go into heat, it can be unpleasant for humans. Cats cannot control their behavior like humans do and let go of their instincts. The final and most effective solution is, of course, to neuter and spay them. Short of that, let’s see what other things can be done to calm cats when they are in heat.


During this period, cats are very needy, and they need to be distracted from the urge to mate. You can play more often with them, spend more time petting them, or even brushing them and try to groom them. An extra new toy could be of help—for example, a ball or a father to pay with.

If your cat wants to sit on your lap, sleep on you, or near you, allow it for this period. It will help calm him down.


Separate cats when they are in heat would help to calm them downs. If you have a female cat and a male cat, being near each other will make things worse when they are in heat. But if you have only one cat, he may want to isolate to calm down and release stress.

If they already have a place where to be, then allow them to isolate themselves. If they do not have a place, you can create a hiding place, such as a box, or leave the wardrobe door open to hide inside, or a cat kennel.

A dim room, away from sunlight, sound, and smell, can help a cat calm down. But, do not close your cat somewhere. Just lower the lights, and let the room be quiet.


Warm places or warms objects could have calming effects on cats. Use a warm pad, towel, or blanket ( you could buy self-warming blankets ) by placing the cat on it or place it on the cat bed. Try to use this method and and see how it goes.


Herbs and essential oils that have calming effects can be of help. Catnip can one type of herb to use, but be aware that catnip may not have the same effect on all cats. If your cat uses to calm and relax with catnip, it can be a solution. Otherwise, you have to find other calming essences and products.

Make sure that what you use is not toxic for cats. Some essential oils contain toxic elements for cats and so other products on the market.


Yes! There is such a thing as calming music for cats. Cats have a significantly enhanced sense of hearing. Have you noticed your cat hearing a person arriving way before that person reaches the door? Cats are great hunters. Their hearing is developed to hear even tiny movements coming from very far.

It means they are susceptible to sounds. But, they do not like noises. If you play soothing musing or music that resembles a purring cat, it may help a cat relax—for example, classical music or natural sounds and frequencies such as sea waves.


When cats are in heat, the chances are they may be spraying. If you want to make sure they do not do it around the house, try cleaning the litter box often. In this way, cats are more likely to use the litter box. Avoid ammonia as a cleaning product because ammonia could stimulate spraying behavior.


Make sure there aren’t windows or doors that your cat can use to escape. When cats are in heat, they will try to go out or run away. Be aware of this behavior and make sure that your cat is secure.


The final and ultimate solution is to bring cats to the vet to be fixed. One can surely try to make a cat feel better during the heat period, but remember, it is happening every two or three weeks. Cats can be really stressed if they cannot mate. It is worth doing it at some point.


You may soothe your cat a bit by massaging them on the lower back, just before the tail began. Or you can scratch them under the chin and pat them on the lower back. It can work well to soothe them for a while. Cats usually, when in heat, will come to you looking for affection. A little massage and good scratching are going to help them a lot.


Another solution could be to call the vet and get some recommendations on mild tranquilizers. It is not recommended because they have side effects and are not natural products. It should be the last resort and should be done following the veterinarian’s suggestions.


Here some related questions and answer:

  • For how long my cat will be in heat?

A cat can be in heat for 5-7 days. One could say safely that it lasts for about a week. But then it repeats every 2 to 3 weeks. Mating seasons are usually from string to fall. During this period, cats will go in heat.

  • Are cats in pain when they are in heat?

Cats are for sure stressed when they are in heat. They experience a lot of discomfort due to their body going crazy with hormones. Such discomfort can resemble pain.

  • Do cats bleed on their period?

Female cats do not typically bleed when they have their period. But, it can happen there is light bleeding from time to time. Cats period is not like a human period as far as bleeding is concerned.

  • Can I spay a cat in heat?

Technically, it could be done, but it typically not done by vet, they usually wait the heat period ends. During the heat, blood vessels are pumping a lot of blood to the reproductive organs, therefore trying to operate a cat over it, can be dangerous.


I hope you were able to find some good method to sooth your cat during heat. Remember that spaying and neutering is the ultimate solution. Meanwhile, try some of those methods. If you have any question or want to add anything, leave it in the comments below.

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