Why won’t my cats sleep together? You have more than one cat, and they do not sleep together, and you are wondering why. It is not uncommon. Let’s see why this happens.

Cats won’t sleep together because they want a bit of space for themselves. Some cats like to play with other cats and sleep near other cats, but not cuddling. They want to have their space and do not want to be disturbed when they sleep. Some cats want to be alone when they sleep to stay somewhat alert to the outside movement even when they sleep and detect if someone is approaching.

Let’s go more into it.

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Cats have different personalities just like humans, some cats are more inclined to cuddle with other cats, and some other cats like to have their personal space. If they do not cuddle with each other or sleep on each other doesn’t mean they are not friends.

There are different scenarios possible when you put two cats together. If you bring a kitten into the life of a grown up cat, you may expect that your older cat may have at times a problem with the kitten level of activity. I give you a personal example.

My cat is two years old, therefore relatively young. He grew up alone with me. At some point, I felt terrible that he was always alone at home, and I decided he needed a friend to play wit. I did not know how he may react with another cat in the house, but I also thought that it is not natural for a cat to live alone his entire life.

Why won’t my cats sleep together?


I adopted a kitten. When she arrived home, my older cat was growling for the first few days, but after that, they started to play with each other, run back and forth, my cat started even grooming the kitten.

I was amazed he could be so sweet. At times they would sleep on the bed next to each other, but they would not cuddle. My older cat has always been solitary by nature. He is the type of cat that needs his space and comes to you when he likes, not the cuddling type.

So I was relatively happy that he would groom the other cat, play with her, and sleep at least next to her, sometimes touching each other paws. I am curious to see if he would become a more cuddling type of cat when the kitten grew up.

However, the kitten wants to play all the time and jumps all over him, sometimes he doesn’t like it, especially when she tries to get his tail, and he hisses at her. Besides this, they are adorable, and I can say I am reaching my goal to socialize the older cat and give him a playmate.

However, he likes to sleep on his own most of the time; the kitten is too active and doesn’t let him rest. I realize that kittens are too much playful for grown-up cats.

What I take away, why won’t my cats sleep together?: Kitten’s high level of activity can be a problem for older cats who may want to rest a bit more, and thus, they go sleeping in a quiet spot.


If you bring home a grown-up cat, a previous good introduction with each other, and given the time to become familiar with each other, they can become friends with each other, play together, and sleep next to each other. It is not said they are still going to cuddle with each other.

It really depends on each individual cat personality. I had cats that would go sleep on each other in a very tiny bed, they like the warm in wither and they had no problems walking on other cats and sit on them.

The other cats would let it happens. I also noticed that they grew up together, and they have been together their entire life. However, some other cats liked to be at a safe distance and watch things from a distance.

What I take away, why won’t my cats sleep together?: older cats that have grown up together are more likely to sleep and cuddle together. However, cats have different personalities, and some of them like to stay at a distance. It doesn’t mean they are not friends. They just like space around them.

In other words, one should not feel bad if some cats do not sleep together, it can happen, and it is part of a variety of cats’ behavior and personality. It may even be that some cats do not get along with other cats. Like humans, somehow, they have preferences.

Another observation is that when cats are indoor, they may have different warm sources and may not need to cuddle and sleep with each other to stay warm. The research for a warm sleeping spot can be one reason for cats sleeping and cuddling together.


Why won’t my cats sleep together? And why do cats sleep together? If there is a reason why they don’t sleep together, there is also a reason why they sleep with each other.

Normally cats are looking for warm places to go and sleep, that is why some cats like to come and sleep on you. You are a good source of heat. Suppose they get cuddles and scratches under the chin even better for them. This is not the only reason why cats sleep with each other.

Cats that sleep with each other have created a special bond, and they are friends. I doubt that my cat, even if he would be freezing, would let the other newer cat sit on him, sometimes he allows her to lick his face, but if she gets a bit more closely, you can see that he is not comfortable, he will end up standing and moving to another spot.

Cats like to sleep with each other when they are friends because they feel safe. They are familiar with the other cats; there is nothing better than sleep in a safe and friendly place for cats and familiar smells.

If you observe newborn kittens, you can see that they sleep on each other, and they search for each other to sleep. Instinctively, they search for the warm in other kittens. Being small, they are not able to handle low temperatures by themselves. Growing up, cats are much more able to resole temperature problems on their own.


Here some related questions for “Why won’t my cats sleep together?” and related answers:

  • How long does it take for cats to get used to each other?

Give them a couple of months to really get to know each other. Even if they start playing with each other in the first two weeks, they still know each other for too little time. I can say my cats really bonded after several months they were together.

  • How do you know if cats don’t like each other?

If your cats do not like each other, you will know it by the fact that they are hissing at each other, growling, sometimes fighting, they usually try to stay far away from each other in different rooms.

  • How can I get my cat to sleep with me again?

Try to make your cat come close to you again in your bed. For example, I have observed my cat changing his sleeping spot from my bed to a kitchen chair. I was annoyed, so what I did each time he did it, I went to pick him up and brought him to the bed and started petting him.

Often he would stay and sleep, sometimes he was annoyed and left again toward the kitchen. I this point, I let him be. I guess he really wants to be alone. But sometimes I was able to make him sleep with me.

My cat doesn’t like sudden moves; he wants to stay in a quiet place when he sleeps. In my sleep, I hit him accidentally, and therefore cats may decide to go sleeping alone. Sometimes cats decide to change sleeping spot anyway. They like to change it not to be found; it is an instinct for them


Why won’t my cats sleep together? I hope we were able to answer this question. If you have more questions or want to add anything, leave it in the comments below.


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