Why does my cat sleep on my spot? If you are wondering why you can’t leave your chair or bed without your cat stealing your spot, you came to the right place. This is the subject of today’s article.

Cats sleep on your spot after you left it because they like your smell, the spot is warm, and they like warm places, they feel protected to be on your spot as it is like to be with you, they also want attention from you, besides, they wan to place their own smell on yours to claim ownership. Cats, they may wonder why YOU sleep in their spot. After all, you and the house belong to them!

Let’s dive more into “why does my cat sleep on my spot. “

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If you are a cat owner, you have experienced this phenomenon of your cat sneaking behind you as soon as you stand up and comfortably curling up in the same place where you were sitting before, all the while having the attitude of who has the right to own that spot and in the face an expression of satisfaction.

When you return and see your cat sitting on your spot, as a cat lover, chances are you are going and sit somewhere else. All of us have gone through this. They are too cute to move, and somehow they know how to get what they want.

But, why does my cat sleep on my spot? Does he have all the space in the house, all the beds, all the chairs, all the couches? Why is he so obsessed with my places? Why does my cat sleep on my spot?

Here is why:


Sure enough, your cat loves you and wants to be with you. Since you are moving around, he has to settle for the last spot you were sitting on. It is still warm; it has your smell on it. It is not you, but it is as close as he can get.

Definitively cats love their owners, which makes them search spots where they think their owner has been. That is why they sleep in the bed where you sleep, sit on the couch where you use to sit, or even why they are in the same room with you and follow you when you go to another room.

I have a specific spot I sit on in my bed. It is a corner spot against the headboard of the bed. When I stand up, Coco ( my cat) immediately jumps us and sit there. When I come back, I have to sit on the other side! He did it so often that I am sure that now I have to look at where he is before moving and come back very fast if I do not want to lose my place!


Cats may feel uncertainty with environment changes; the only stable point for them is you. They know you by your scent, mainly. If you are not around, chances are, they will find one of your shirts or your pillow and cuddle into it.

When I leave for a long time, I often leave my t-shirt on the bed so that my cat can go and sleep there if he wants to. I’m not particularly eager to leave him alone, but at least he can find some comfort in things with my scent on it.


Your spot is very well warmed up when your cat is stealing it from you. If you are sitting on a leather chair or a cushion, there is still the depression made by you sitting in it. There isn’t any other perfect place for a cut to curl up and sleep. It is just perfect. They just won the lottery, and you are without a seat!


We all know that we serve cats, and they are the sole owners of the house. Often they come on you and rub their faces and bodies on you. They primarily do this because they want to leave their scent on you. Cats do the same with places where you have been, and that carries your scent; they want to claim ownership of that spot too.


Let’s face it, cats have different personalities, and some of them have a little bit of that mischievous behavior that makes cats famous and makes them be featured in movies displaying impossible characters or features as the masterminds behind plots against their owners of other animals.

Things like this one well earn Their reputation, for example, they have to annoy you by stealing your place, and they have to be all over you if you sit on that spot or hit you for no reasons, the list can go on. The fact is that cats may like to play and affect you, which is why they decide to steal your spot.


It is similar to “Why does my cat sleep on my spot?” Therefore, the answers are pretty much similar.

My cat used to sleep next to my head, and when I left the pillow under my head and enough space, he would sleep next to my head on the pillow, sometimes I move my pillow, and there isn’t enough space. Therefore he settles to sleep next to my head a bit further.

It is adorable when I open my eyes, and I see him next to me. He really makes my day starting with a smile. With time I learned that he sleeps next to me for different reasons.

  • HE IS WAITING I STAND UP: sometimes I spot him coming in the morning and sniffing me when he is not slapping my face telling me to stand up and feed him, he would start sleeping on my pillow, or next to my head, I could swear he is waiting for me to stand up. In fact, as soon as I move, he is already starting to stand up and run toward the kitchen.
  • HE LIKES TO BE WITH ME: he enjoys my company and feels secure to sleep there. I can see that it is like this when I wake up and he starts to show me his belly. At this point, I have to pet him. He lets me pet him for 5 to 10 minutes before standing up. So cute!
  • HE LIKES THE PILLOW AND THE WARM: Sometimes I can see that he likes the warm and the pillow, it is soft. My cat is not famous for liking soft places, I bought him so many cats bed, and he keeps sleeping on the hard chair or the floor, but sometimes he likes the fluffy duvet and the pillow.

I can’t stress enough that cats are actually very affectionate, I have written it in so many articles, but I can’t stop writing it on a new article.


Here some related questions for “Why does my cat sleep on my spot?” and related answers?

  • Why do cats suddenly change where they sleep?

It is weird that cats sleep for many weeks on the same spot, suddenly change it, and sleep on another location for weeks again. I have even witnessed my cat changing place every day, after knowing him to follow a routine and sleeping always on his bed.

He feels scared and wants to be sure he is not found while he sleeps. I think cats do not sleep in the same place because they do not want to be caught. They do it for security reasons. I probably pet him too much while sleeping, and he felt annoyed and wanted to be left alone.

  • Do cats like to be touched while sleeping?

Normally cats do not like to be touched when sleeping, even though sometimes when they are sleepy and see you coming, they may roll over and invite you to pet them, my cat does it sometimes, and he likes to be petted in that case. If he doesn’t invite me and he sleeps, he is annoyed.

If your cat is sleeping normally, he can get scared if someone approaches him suddenly, sometimes they can sense it is you coming and petting them, so they let you do it without moving, but they clearly want to be let alone to enjoy their sleep.

  • Why does my cat sleep on me?

You are the most secure and trusted place to sleep on. You are also warm and lovable. What a cat could want more? Cats feel secure when they sleep on you. They all like to be petted when they are on you.

  • Why my cat started sleeping under covers?

Cats like to be invisible when they sleep; they feel secure. They also may have discovered the warmth of sleeping under covers, not to speak about the softness of your bed.


Why does my cat sleep on my spot? I hope you found a good answer, if you want to add something or you have a question, leave it in the comments below.

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