Why does my cat check if I am breathing? Have you ever encountered this behavior from your cat? He suddenly sneaks on you while you sleep and starts checking whether you are breathing. Spooky, isn’t it?

Cats check if you are breathing, especially at night, because they have not seen you moving for several hours. Then, they come up to you to wake you up and establish you are still alive and moving. Some cats do this to draw your attention so that you wake up and feed them.

Some cats can sense if you have any trouble through the night and would come up to you to wake you up.



It usually is because your cat wants to be sure you are fine and still moving. I came to realize cats can be great creatures. You have more examples of this behavior, knowing that some cats saved people’s lives, even at night, when they had seizures or other illnesses.

Why does my cat check if I am breathing? To answer this question, I have to mention a couple of stories related to my own cat. First, I have noticed that if I sleep longer or in bed more than usual, especially if I am not moving, he comes right into my face and starts pocking me and smelling me.

At first, one might think he did that because he wants to be fed. However, my cat’s bowl is usually filled. Typically cats get bored with the food in their bowl if it is there for some time, but in many cases, your cat will still check if you are breathing if you are in bed sleeping for many hours.


Cats sniff your mouth while you sleep because they want to ensure you are still alive and breathing. Also, cats wish to figure out what the deal is with you if you are sleeping for a while.

In addition, cats use their superior sense of smell to analyze your breath and determine if there is something wrong with you and if they need to intervene by waking you up.

For example, on the weekends, when I could sleep longer, my cat used to come to me near my face and check me up. I soon realized that if he didn’t see me moving or standing up, as usual, he thought something was wrong.

Therefore he comes into bed and starts pocking me around, smelling my face, and even pocking me in my mouth until I move. I soon realized the difference between when he wakes me up because he is hungry and when he comes because he is concerned that something is incorrect.

He usually jumps on the bed and starts meowing, and he pocks my harm and hands, and if I move, he jumps on the floor and starts going toward the kitchen where his food would be. He does this if he wants food.

If he is checking on me, he kind of sneaks on me slowly; he comes near my face smelling and gently pocking. If I move, he is fine and lays next to me, waiting for me to stand up.


Sometimes cats stretch their paws and gently pat you on your face or lips. Usually, when they do this, they want to show affection to you, and they want you to cuddle them and pet them as well; they are asking you for love, and at the same time, they are telling you that they like you.

It is cute when they do it, sometimes they may not realize they are using the claws as well, but if you can teach them not to use them when they touch you like that, it is a nice gesture to enjoy.

It is not a gesture that comes with a selfish request for food. My cat does this often when we are cuddling.

Here are some treats ideas to make your cat happy

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Cats like to head-butt you or rub against your face to leave their scent on you. It is a sign of affection that tells you that your cat sees you as part of his territory or family.

Cats can also understand that your face is basically you. Some cats come on you and like to kiss you on your face and lick your cheeks. The most affectionate cats like to lick your face. If they do that, they really trust you!

Cats may want to check if you are breathing and if you are ok if you are sleeping for a while. It is a cat habit to sleep near the owner’s face, so they can be near you and feel protected.


Cats are notorious for being careless and having no sense of personal space; with this, we mean other people’s personal space. But this is not why cats stand on you while you sleep.

The most obvious answer is that they want to get your attention and be patted. At night, my cat walks on me and stands on me, purring until I wake up to see her face and hear her purring near my face.

Cats are bored at night because you are sleeping; they come to wake you up if they need anything like food, water, a door to be opened, or just your attention. On the other hand, you may seem like a good source of warmth in winter, and cats may like to stand on you and chill out.


Why does my cat hit me while I’m sleeping?

Your cat hits you while you sleep for different reasons, such as that your cat wants to play, is hungry, wants to make sure you are alive or wants your attention.

It is normal behavior if your cat is a kitten; kittens attack and bite everything, especially your feet. When my cat was a kitten used to attack me on my legs, feet, hands, and pretty much everything. Kittens want to play. If it is a growing-up cat, he likely wants you to wake up and stop being lazy!

Why do cats walk on you while you sleep?

Cats walk on you while you sleep because they want to attract your attention, or because they are looking for a niche spot to rest or cuddle with you.

Why does my cat paw at me when I am sleeping?

Cats paw you while you sleep because they want to wake you up. They are pretty systematic about it. It seems they know they should not scratch you and need to be delicate about it.

But they are surely persistent in this process. They would keep going until you are awake and have done your duty as a cat parent feeding them or whatever else they need.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

Suppose you are training your cat not to wake you up; yes, you should ignore your cat when meowing at night. Pay attention if they are meowing because they are sick or have a problem. However, in most cases, they want to go out, or they want attention.

Does my cat think I’m dead when I sleep?

If you do not move for several hours, cats might think something is wrong with you, and they might come to check on you. However, if you observe the seeping pattern of cats, you will see that they do not sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight.

They nap for a few hours, wake up, eat, and then go back to sleep again. But, of course, humans sleeping for so long might sound weird to them.

Do cats check on their owners?

Cats check on their owners often. They always know where you are, and they tend to stay in the same room with you. If you disappear or go into another room, they must see what you are up to.

Why does my cat wait for me to go to bed?

Your cat waits for your to go to bed because they love routines and get used to the daily habits. They know that you go to sleep every day at a particular time, and they might enjoy taking a nap at the same time, maybe next to you.

My cat makes me sleepy; why?

Your cat might make you sleepy because you see them often enjoy sleeping in lovely warm, and soft covers. Their beautiful sleeping position makes you wish you were in their place and enjoy a nice warm nap.

Do cats protect their owners when sleeping?

Cats have very developed senses, and if something is wrong, they might wake you up. The web is full of stories of cats saving the lives of their humans. For example, waking them up in case of fire, strangers entering the house, and even for the presence of other animals in the house.

Why does my cat check if I am breathing?

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