Skookum cat personality


Would you like to know more about the Skookum cat personality? The provisional name of this emerging breed can take on different meanings.

In this specific case, it simply translates as “beautiful,” but since it can also have negative connotations, we are considering the possibility of changing it. What is not in question, however, is the affectionate nature of these cats.

At a glance, this cat gets along well with people; it can be found both long-haired and short-haired, has a soft coat texture and has an expressive muzzle.

Let’s learn more about the Skookum cat personality and breed.



The Skookum cat has an attractive appearance.

The hair color of the tail is less intense than that of the rest of the body. This is because it is longer and less smooth than the hair on the head. However, on many occasions, the contrast is evident.

The vibresses and the hairs above the eyes are very long and tend to stand erect.


In summaryA short-legged version
of the LaPerm, obtained
by crossing with
the Munchkin
A rather recent
breed of which
few examples exist
PersonalityThe quiet character
testifies to the pedigree
origins of the breed
AppearanceA curly and wavy coat in
the short or long version
The short-haired
variant has a puffy coat
In the houseHe proves to be a faithful
and friendly companion,
eager to participate
in family life
She loves to venture
outdoors, but beware
of encounters with
other cats
BehaviorAttentive and receptive,
playful, a perfect
companion animal
GroomingThe long-haired variant
needs more care than the
short-haired variant
Most common health
There are no particular
problems, on the contrary, it
is a rather resistant cat


The first breeder to take an interest in the development of this new breed was the American Roy Galusha in 1990, who crossed a LaPerm with a Munchkin in order to obtain a feline with a curly coat and short legs.

Similar breeding programs have been conducted in other parts of the world, thanks to the wide availability of ancestors. As a result, both long-haired and short-haired variants were obtained, confirming the two ancestor breeds used.

The coat is not as dense as the LaPerm; however, the curls tend to swell instead of adhering to the body. There are all colors and designs. The colorpoint specimens testify to the contribution of LaPerm.


The Skookum loves climbing and is also a great jumper. He is an intelligent cat; the males get bigger than the females. This cat is sweet and affectionate, and rarely will you see this cat getting upset or aggressive.

His calm nature makes this cat perfect for families with children. While the Skookum is an energetic and lively cat, he demands daily attention and affection from his humans, so don’t be surprised if, after running around playing, he shows ups ready to jump and rest on your lap.

Skookum cats like to play also when they grow up, so you will have plenty of opportunities to have fun. However, since they are intelligent cats, they are also very curious; therefore, if you want to keep them happy and motivated, it is essential to provide cat toys, trees, cat puzzles, and other enrichment.


The grooming is easy: the coat should be brushed once a week, as in the case of LaPerm; better if a rotating tooth comb is used so as not to flatten the curls. If it is necessary to bathe the cat, let the fur dry naturally, or use a towel.

The hairdryer, in addition to being annoying, could wrinkle the hair.

Regarding their diet, the Skookum cats do not need exceptional food. However, like most cats, they must be placed on a high-protein diet. Those cats should eat high-quality food with little colorants and fillers.

Since they are intelligent cats, you can spend some time trying to train them to follow some of your commands or even do tricks. Since they are high-energy cats, you must provide the right environment so they can run out of their extra energy.

Skookum cats do not have particular health problems, although due to their short legs, they could develop some illnesses. All dwarf cats are at risk of developing problems since their body appearance is due to a genetic mutation.

However, since the Skookum breed is pretty new and was developed recently, many things about their health and any genetic condition are unknown.


What is the meaning of the Skookum name of this cat breed?

The meaning of the word Skookum is not yet clear or agreed upon. There are several explanations. First, it means beautiful (which would fit better for these cats). The second explanation is that this word comes from a Native American word that means great, powerful, and mighty.

What is the price of the Skookum cat?

The Skookum cat can be expensive since few specimens are available. The price can arrive at up to $2000 depending on the purity of the breed, the kitten’s age, and the purity of the breed. In addition, it can be difficult to find specimens of these cats in certain countries, which can increase the price.

Is the Skookum cat breed still experimental?

The Skookum cat breed is still officially an experimental breed due to the fact that it has been developed only recently, and many things are not known yet.

Is the Skookum cat getting along with other pets?

Skookum cats are very calm and affectionate, with a very quiet temperament, and are generally lovely. For this reason, they can get along easily with other cats and even dogs.

Is the Skookum cat getting along with children?

Skookum cats get along well with children because they are sweet and very calm cats; these traits in their character make them very patient when dealing with an active child.

Are the short legs of the Skookum cat a potential health problem?

The short legs of the Skookum cat are coming about because of a genetic mutation that can create different health problems. This genetic mutation is a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia, which can make other alterations in the cat’s body.

What is the lifespan of the Skookum cat?

The Skookum cat can live up to 15 years, but the life length of this cat can be extended with high-quality food, proper care, and a good environment.

What are the possible colors of the Skookum cats?

The Skookum cat comes in different colors: colorpoint, tabby, bicolor, black, white, brown, and solid. There can be other variations too.

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