Where do indoor cats hide? Have you searched for your cat all over the house only to discover that he managed to find a secret place to sneak into? Cats have the unique ability to discover the weirdest, dark and small cracks. How do they do?

Indoor cats will hide just about anywhere that is small, warm, or comfortable, meaning that there are plenty of good hiding spots around the house. If they do not want to be disturbed, you may have to look hard. Cats are experts in finding new hidden places, even those you don’t know about.

Let’s see which places cats chose to hide and how to find them if they decided not to be found.

where do indoor cats hide


Many people know that cats are not always the most social creatures, but this is especially true if you have an indoor cat as they are almost always around people. So, many indoor cats choose to hide themselves away every now and then to get a little bit of peace and quiet.

If you are wandering through your house and can’t find your cat, don’t worry, there are indeed somewhere nearby.

So, where do indoor cats hide?


If you have left your closet door ajar, then it may not be one of the first places that you think to look for your cat. But the dark and enclosed space is exactly what your cat is looking for. It is somewhere where they can curl up and be undisturbed for a little while.

If you have any clothes on the floor in your closet, then they will also work as a makeshift bed! Additionally, everything in there smells like you so that they can get their personal space but still remain close to you.

Sometimes you may look in your closet and still do not see your cat because cats like to hide under the clothes. In my experience, I know that cats can hide well in a dark closet. I have closed my cat inside the cupboard more than one time.

Even with the cupboard closed, my cat learned how to slide the cupboard door and get in there. So cats could surprise you. Even with closed doors, you should look inside to see if they are in there.


Remember, cats like small spaces and can squeeze themselves into pretty tight spaces. This means that hiding under furniture is perfect for them as nobody else can get under there with them are they are more likely to be left alone.

However, hiding under furniture is often a sign that your cat is afraid of something. If this happens, repeatedly try to work out what the problem is so that your cat is hiding out of fear.


If you have a radiator or a heater in your home, then the chances are that this is where your cat will be. Cats love to be as warm as possible, and if there is a spot near a heater where they can curl up, then this will be their spot of choice.

If you have a fire or a warm area that is dangerous for your cat, then you will need to deter them from hiding here by using water in a spray bottle as a deterrent.


It’s no secret that cats absolutely adore boxes; even large cats do too! So, if you have any cold boxes around the house from deliveries or storage, then there is a good chance that your indoor cat is hiding in one of them. 

One of the reasons cats love cardboard boxes so much is because cardboard is an insulator and again provides them with a warm, enclosed space to curl up.


As well as hiding under the furniture, if there is a gap between your sofa or dresser and the wall, then your cat may hide here to remain out of sight. When a cat is scared can get into minor cracks, like in the small space between the sofa and the wall.

In some cases, a cat can even be blocked in such small places and be incapable of getting out. Some cats can even get under the kitchen furniture. There is usually a small place between the floor and the kitchen furniture. Cats can crawl under it and hide there for a while.


A recent event makes me realize cats can sneak into the dryer or washing machine. My smallest cat managed to use her paw to oper the drier and sneak inside. I have been looking for her all over the house and could not find her.

Suddenly, I had a realization, and I looked in there, and there she was! Cats can sneak into pretty much everything!


Sometimes you just have to ook up. For example, your cat can be on top of a tall cupboard or furniture. They are watching you look for them all over the house, complaining and calling their names without even a meow.

Sometimes you just have to think like a cat. And cats like to look at the world from above.


Some cats decide to go to an isolated place if they sense they are about to die. Old cats are vulnerable and weak. For this reason, they choose to hide. A secure and close place will protect them from predators and dangers.

In this way, they can be safe and spend the rest of their days in peace. Young cats do not hide because they think they are dying. Usually, young cats are looking for a nice place to take a nap or are scared about something in the environment.


Where do cats hide outside?

When outside, cats can hide under a car, porch, under a tree, inside holes in the walls, behind garbage containers, and similar. Sometimes cats go inside the neighbor’s property and hide under anything they can find.

Why does my cat hide when I leave?

If you leave the house, your cat can become afraid of being alone and stressed because of the separation anxiety. If that happens, cats can spend all the time when they are alone hiding somewhere, waiting for you to come back home.

How long do cats hide?

Cats can hide for one day or two if they are terrified. Then, at some point, they will go out because they are hungry or use the litter box. If cats are new to the house, it can take a few days to get used to the new environment.

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