Why won’t my cat eat wet food anymore? If your cat was used to eat wet food and suddenly stopped, you come to wonder what is going on with him. Is it the food, or is there something else?

Cats can stop eating when food for a variety of reasons, some of those are: they get bored with eating the same food, the brand you are using changed the ingredients, he is experiencing whisker fatigue, he got too spoiled with treats and dry food, and now he wants to eat wet food, the food bowl may be dirty, or he may have health issues.

Let’s see what are the details.

Why won't my cat eat wet food anymore?


It can happen that a cat who was perfectly eating wet food for many years suddenly decide to stop doing it. Some cats may decide to go all the way to the other side and eat only dry food. When it happens, a cat owner doesn’t really know what to think.

We know that cats can be unpredictable and that they can do the weirdest things, but they are also creatures of habit; how does this behavior really fit with them?

Well, believe it or not, cats have their reasons; they are not trying to make you mad or annoy you. Maybe their reasons are silly, but they are enough for them.

So, why won’t my cat eat wet food anymore? Here some of the most common reasons:


Sometimes it happens that a food brand changes the ingredients of their wet food. Therefore, when you feed it to your cat, he doesn’t want to eat it anymore. The food can have a different smell or a different taste that he doesn’t like.

If you discover that this is the case, you have to experiment with new wet food for your cat until you find the one that he eats. I used my cats to eat different wet food every week, so they do not only get used to one type. I had a bad experience with one of my cats; when he was a kitten, he would hardly eat wet food and, if he did, he only ate one brand. I used every trick I could think of to make him eat different types of wet food. I will share some tips with you down below.


It is possible that you cat is growing up and his whiskers are now touching the bowl, he may be very sensible and decide to stop eating. It is mainly a bowl problem, try to change his bowl with a better one, and see if he starts eating again.


Cats are picky, and I am the living example of this statement! I have first-hand experience with this situation. My cat won’t eat his wet food if I do not wash it before I feed him. If I out the wet food on his bowl that he previously used already, even if a few hours before, he won’t eat the food.

Our routine is the following: I feed him, recover his bowl, wash it, feed him again. If I forget, I can throw the food away. He will sniff it and go away.


This is a mistake most cat owners make. We want to make our cats happy, and sometimes we feed them too many treats. Treats are a sort of junk food for cats and are also very addictive.

If you are coming off a period where you gave your cat many treats, he may think that it is their meal, cats would get addicted and demand only treats. As a consequence, they won’t eat wet food. In other words, they become like spoiled children demanding their candies.

To get him back on wet food, you may have to placed treats near the wet food and trick him into it. For example, I place a little bit of wet food on my fingers, and he would eat it from it, then continue eating it on his own. Of course, reduce the treats given to your cat.


Sometimes a cat can have stomach problems or other health problems that make him not eat wet food. If you can’t resolve it in any way, the best is to bring your cat for a check-up to the vet.


If there has been an environmental change or changed the place where he eats, it can be a stressing factor for a cat. He may want to have a quiet place, or he doesn’t like his new places. New people into the household or other changes that can stress your cat could explain his changing eating habits.

If you spot this, remove all changes and make our cat comfortable eating his food.


Sometimes cats can be very picky with their food. They may like something and the day after dislike it. Sometimes, there is no reason they want something else, or they are not in the mood that day for the food you are giving them. Once you get to know your cat, you may even figure what is wrong. In some cases you may never find out.

It has happened to me many times that my cat would not eat his usual food. I know he is very picky. I can’t buy him cheap food. He would turn the other way. Sometimes if he doesn’t get it at the usual time, he may not eat, or sometimes he wants to eat all the time.

What to do if you got a picky cat? Arm yourself with a lot of patients and learn all the tricks you can to deal with them. I’ll share some tricks below.


Dry food can be tastier for cats due to the ingredients in them. In fact, you can find carbs and ingredients that add flavors to make it tastier. Unfortunately, this type of food is not healthy, especially if it creates addictions.

Some of the ingredients in cat treats, which make cats addicted to them, can be found in the dry food. This is why it is important to read the labels. I wrote a full article on why treats can be addicting for cats.

In other words, dry food is more appealing to cats. It is like a human having to decide between a salad and Pizza. If you are in this situation with your cat, you have to teach your cat to eat wet food. You can do it by placing some wet food with dry food or near it in the bowl. Once he starts eating it, he will get used to it.


Then we have the instance of smart cats that lick the food and the liquid out of the wet food and leave the rest there. They do this because the moisture is tastier than the rest of the food. Some types of wet food have colorants and additional flavors, cats like the taste of it.

Some cats simply do not like wet food, but they can deal with the gravy and sauce. Cats should have some wet food for hydration, and often vets recommend cats eats wet food if they have health problems. Therefore if a cat is difficult with eating wet food, it can be a problem.

There are some tricks one can try:

  • Try to add more water and smush the wet food around to make it almost liquid. Your cat may lick it all.
  • Try to give him soups; there are soups for cats in pet stores and stores. Those sups have some meat in them, it is not a lot, but it could be a start to get your cat used to eat wet food. My cats go crazy for those sups. Not only they lick it all; they end up eating almost all the pieces of meat or fish.
  • Use treats to lure your cat into eating more of the food


Similarly, some cats eat only treats and not food. They are greedy cats.

Usually, they got spoiled with treats, and now they want only treats. Again, the quality of the treats that are commonly sold is low. There are a lot of addicting and not healthy ingredients in there.

I give an example here of what is inside treats: WHY DO CATS LIKE TEMPTATIONS SO MUCH?

A cat that eats only treats need to be educated on eating proper food. You have to use some of the best tricks to make your cat transition from treats to wet food or normal food. You could start mixing treats with the food you want to give him and diminishing the treats every day.

You can also see if your cat would eat raw food as a treat. There are healthy raw food treats in the market that could be given to a cat to be taken off treats.


I have given some tips already through this article, here I wan to summarize them and add a few:

  • Use treats to lure your cat into eating wet food. You can place the treats near the wet food in the bowl, over the wet foot, or in your hands and have your cat come near the wet food.
  • Use dry food to lure your cat into eating wet food. Similar to what you would do with treats.
  • Guide your cat: I used to have treats in my hand and give one to my cat, then place some wet food on my finger and have him lick it. He would get used to eating wet food. Sometimes you have to be there for him to trust eating a new type of food.
  • Vary the brands to find the one he likes the most.
  • Buy cats soups and see if he would start licking it at least. In those soups, there are pieces of meat or fish, and in this way, a cat may start eating wet food.


I hope this was useful to you. If you have any questions or want to add anything, leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for your help. My cat Tonka is almost 12 yrs old and has some health issues due to overweight, but vet isn’t giving much advice except lose weight. Went to ER 3 weeks ago because we thought he was blocked and he is still same. I will try different brands and soups to see if we can keep him from losing any more weight (he needed to but not 4 lbs in such short time). He does not like the new cat we brought in to keep him company. Now my husband will not return the cat.

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