Do Cats Have A Favorite Person


Do cats have a favorite person? If you have paid attention to your cat, you might have noticed that he likes to stick with one specific person. Cats want to sleep on the bed of their favorite person, be in the same room, or otherwise near the person they consider their owner.

Cats have a favorite person most often than not. Typically, cats feel safe around one specific person. They follow that person anywhere and are the go-to person when they need food, attention, or want to play. This is the person that feeds them and takes care the most of their needs.

This article will set out to answer this all-important question. Although there is no official cat spokesperson we can communicate with to get a definitive answer, many studies suggest cats form a strong bond with some of the people in their lives.

Do cats have a favorite person?


Anyone who has owned a cat knows that they can be pretty distant and inattentive pets. But of course, they can also be loving animals. So maybe you and your family members compete for your cat’s attention.

On top of this, you may debate over who you think the cat likes the most. An exciting and worth question. So, do cats actually have a ‘favorite’ person?

You can detect that cats have a favorite person from their behavior with some family members. Here are some tell-tale signs your cat has a favorite person:

  1. They like to spend time with that person
  2. They move into the same room as the person they like
  3. They want to cuddle with one specific person
  4. They sleep on the bed or the clothes of a particular person
  5. They like to play with one person in particular
  6. They rub against you
  7. They purr when they come to you
  8. They blink their eyes slowly when looking at you
  9. They kneed their paws near you or on you
  10. They show their belly

Cats have different personalities and might feel better with one person instead of another. For example, shy cats might not like loud people and get attached to calmer family members.

Despite everything, cats tend to love and get attached to the human taking care of them the most.


Before figuring out whether cats have a favorite person, we must first determine if cats like us humans. Most cat owners would have experienced their cat being distant, even disappearing for days at a time, so it’s a reasonable question to ask to begin with.

Despite what It may sometimes seem like, cats do actually us humans. A study conducted by the New York Times proves that cats prefer to interact with their human companions more than their other activities, such as playing and even eating. So, there is good news for us humans after all!

The study also concludes that your cat will modify their conduct based on how much attention they are getting. Therefore, the more attentive you are, the more likely your cat will like you and express appreciation.

On top of this, cats are very receptive to our human emotions and moods and may alter their behavior based on this.


Early bonding is beneficial in forming a solid relationship with your feline companion; between the age of four to nine weeks is an excellent period of trust-building and socialization between you and your cat.  

If you want to become your cat’s favorite person, you have to love your cat simply. Love will result in taking care of all of his needs:

  • Feed your cat
  • Brush your cat
  • Play with your cat
  • Cuddle with your cat
  • Keep him clean
  • Provide good food
  • Respect your cat space
  • Do not force your cat to do things he doesn’t like
  • Pay attention to your cat

Cats are simple creatures, and they respond to love and affection with love and loyalty.


The short answer is yes; often, your cat will tend to prefer one person over another as they can determine an individual to be more suited to them and more fitting to take care of them for many different reasons.

It can be as simple as the person who feeds them the most and starts feeding them early on in their domesticated life. Or perhaps it can be someone with a powerful and robust demeanor, giving off a sense of safety and security.

After all, cats are domesticated animals at heart and are looking for that sense of safety and security above most things. But unfortunately, some cats can have a very illogical criterion for selecting their favorite individual.

For example, studies have shown that some cats have chosen their favorite person based on something as seemingly trivial as their odor. Your cat may prefer the scent of a woman over a man or adults more than children.

Cats are known to be very mysterious creatures, and this only proves that further.

The way they choose their favorite person can be very random at times, so there may be many different and varying combinations of reasons why your cat prefers one member of the family over the other.


Cats can get attached to one person based on some essential criteria (for them, of course):


If you have dealt with multiple different cats in your life, you will know that each one is unique. So many things about your cat can affect their personality and affect their unique relationship with you as an owner.

The best type of cat-to-human connection is when the owner recognizes their cat’s uniqueness and accommodates accordingly.


Because cats cannot communicate with words, they must rely on body language and specific sounds to communicate.

If you can master the art of effectively communicating with them and predicting their specific needs, then your cat will definitely be more likely to choose you as a favorite person.

Cats can attempt to communicate in many different ways. According to the opinion of a Cat behavior specialist, these things can include the simple ‘meow’ but also reaching out and touching with their paws and gently head-butting or nudging a person.

So lookout for this and try to adapt to the cat’s preferred communication style. It may just be one of the things listed, not all of them.


Even domesticated cats can be wild at heart, and ultimately, it is their survival instinct that guides them. Of course, it goes without saying that food is crucial in terms of survival. Therefore, cats have developed a habit of being affectionate to anyone who gives them food.

Routine is also crucial to cats; they would prefer to have similar, if not the same meal each day at the same time of day if they could.

And so, if it is also the same person who is feeding them this identical meal, then this will be a massive contributing factor when they determine their favorite person.

Cats are very mysterious creatures with sometimes random and unspecific reasons why they choose a favorite person.

However, there are many studied reasons and behaviors that you as an owner can learn to pick up on and accommodate for your cat’s needs accordingly. If you do this, your cat will be sure to pick you as a favorite.


Do cats prefer male or female owners?

In general, cats prefer females over males due to their calmer and sensitive temperament compared with the general male personality. However, even males can become a favorite cats person.

Can cats sense if you’re a good person?

Cats can sense if you are a good person or not. Most cats have a very developed survival instinct and can feel if someone wants to harm them. Primarily they can detect means of action or danger even before it is clear.

Does a cat trust you if it sleeps next to you?

Yes, a cat trusts you if you find him sleeping next to you. Cats usually give you their back because they are sure you will protect them if an enemy comes from their back, and they sleep looking in the other direction.

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