Cats suddenly scared of the room: have you seen your cat suddenly jumping up for no reason and run for his life for no apparent reasons? Well, this is one cat mystery we are going to analyze.

Cats suddenly scared of the room or a room can happen because they have seen, heard, or smelled something that makes them scared; cats’ senses can capture things we can’t. Often it is difficult to find the exact reason for cats suddenly frightened of the room or the house, but if you observe your cat, you may find the cause.

Let’s examine all aspect of this situation.

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Cats owners are confronted with this unusual behavior from cats. One moment they are calm and acting normal. One moment later, they are jumping and running and hiding for no apparent reason.

We looked around the room and the house, and we do not see anything wrong. Therefore the cat must be gone crazy otherwise why they would be scared at nothing?

What we forget, though, is that cats have improved senses; they can smell, see, and hear things that are happening far away or things that are too tiny or small for us to captures, including sound.


Cats could suddenly smell something that doesn’t exist for humans; this would make cats suddenly scared of the room.

A domestic cat’s sense of smell is 9-16 times as strong as humans’. In the olfactory epithelium (i.e., smell-sensitive cells in their noses) as people do, meaning that cats have a more acute sense of smell than humans. (Ref. Wikipedia)

In fact, cats have an estimated 45 to 200 million odor-sensitive cells in their noses, whereas humans only have 5 million odor-sensitive cells. Cats also have a scent organ in the roof of their mouths called the vomeronasal (or Jacobson’s) organ. (Ref. Wikipedia)

It could be possible that a cat suddenly smells something that makes him scared. He may behave strangely, like jumping up, hiding, and being afraid of the room or house. It can be that such a smell is not possible to be detected by humans.


Cats suddenly scared of the room can be an indication they have heard something that we did not. They would suddenly go on alert mode, and if they do not like the sound of something or think is dangerous, they would run out of the room or hide somewhere.

Humans and cats have a similar range of hearing on the low end of the scale, but cats can hear many higher-pitched sounds, up to 64 kHz, which is 1.6 octaves above the range of a human 1 octave above the range of a dog. When listening for something, a cat’s ears will swivel in that direction; a cat’s ear flaps (pinnae) can independently point backward as well as forwards and sideways to pinpoint the source of the sound. (Ref. Wikipedia)

Although they are funny when they perform this theatrical performance, and we start thinking they have seen a ghost, the most common reason for this reaction can be actually coming about their improved senses.


Cats are able to see much more then we do, so we should not be that surprised if cats suddenly jumps up and start running, or even if they start looking at an empty spot in the wall or in space. They are seeing something there, not necessarily a ghost.

Cats have a tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer behind the retina that sends light that passes through the retina back into the eye. While this improves the ability to see in darkness and enables cats to see using roughly one-sixth the amount of light that people need

I have seen my cat looking for hours a corner or the ceiling. I thought he was gone crazy, he suddenly decided to guard that part of the house, and I could not make him move.

I could not see anything, but I got intrigued by it. Therefore I did a thorough inspection of the wall and what you know? I found a tiny small bug. I could not see at a distance, but I could see going close.

So, my cat was going crazy over it. One could quickly think he saw a ghost, but it was not the case at all. I am not saying cats can’t see ghosts either, but for sure, they see things we “cannot see.” Cats suddenly scared of the room, can go back to cats’ sight.


At least one time in their life, every cat is scared of something we can’t see. Some of us like to think they can see ghosts and other entities.

Cats have been seen staring at walls, ceiling, or even in the empty space for hours, making their owners doubt their cat’s mental sanity. Sure, cats are weird in so many aspects that it is difficult to believe there is an actual meaning if what they do.

But, more often then not, they have a plan, and they are acting on something they have sensed. Generally, if you look around, in the direction in which your cat is staring, you will find some small bug, a black spot, or something that your cat is guarding. Cats suddenly scared of the room is just one reaction of those “hidden events.”

Cats are very stubborn about prey; when they target something or want something, they can sit and stare at the desired object for hours.

My cat is very patient at it. I am amazed he can sit and stare for that long. He does it even with me. If I don’t stand up to feed him, he would sit and stare at me until I do.

It is creepy sometimes. I watch him stare at me without moving. After some time I had my cat, I started to understand him and understand “his stare” let’s phrase it like this.


Here some related questions and answers:

  • Cats suddenly scared of the room is something that happens to every cat?

Every cat may have an experience like this. However, cats that are more anxious than others can be more susceptible to those kinds of events. Stress and anxious cats may be more inclined to scare to sudden events.

If you have an anxious cat, it is essential to ensure there aren’t changes in the environment and do everything possible to be reassuring.

  • Why won’t my cat go in a certain room?

Cats don’t go in certain rooms because they do not like a certain object of smells in that room, it may also be that something bad for them happens in that room, and they are afraid to go back there.

Look for sounds in that room that may scare your cat, fleas, and things you know your cat doesn’t like.

  • How do I get my cat to like my room?

Cats may like your room by default if you are in there and your cat likes you, cats would follow you anywhere you go. Otherwise, you may try giving the cats treats in your room. Make him follow you with the sound of the treats bag. Once in the room give him treats.

You can put toys in your room to make your cat stay there, and a cat bad where he may like to sleep. In other wards put things in your room that your cats would like.

  • My cat acting strange sniffing everything, is it a bad sign?

Sometimes a cat goes on a sniffing tour; they start sniffing around non-stop. Usually, it is because there is a new smell around; maybe a new person came into the house or another animal. Cats try to figure out what it was by sniffing around.

  • Why is my cat scared of me all of a sudden?

You cats suddenly scared of the room, and cats suddenly scared of you. My cat and I know each other for 2 years now. We sleep together, come near me when he wants to look for cuddles, feed him, play, and in these 2 years, I never beat have never been aggressive toward him.

Still, despite this, if I move too fast or talk loud at the phone, he would run away and be scared of me for a while ( at least until I give him treats!). It makes me sad because I feel he doesn’t really trust me all the time; from the other side, what can I do? I try not to make him scared as much as possible.

  • Will my cat forget me after 2 weeks?

Science aside, I know for sure cats will not forget you. I have been away for weeks more than once; my cat recognizes me when I got back. He was upset because he was protesting at me, but he knew who I was, and the morning after I got back, we started the normal routines.

I know it is being said they remember things for so and so many hours, but I know it is not true from experience. They will remember you.


Cats suddenly scared of the room? I hope we gave some useful data. If you have any questions, please write it in the comments below.


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  1. I have a semi-feral cat that is around 2 years old. I got her when she was young, though not quite young enough to fully tame her, so she has always been the skittish type; however some days she becomes extremely terrified of different rooms in our home. Normally she is fine, but it happens every couple of months, and I’m wondering if I should be more concerned? She has no health issues that I or my vet know of.
    It’s very distressing and can go on for days, even up to a week! Is there anything I can do to help her calm down quicker? I don’t know how to avoid these situations because I have been unable to figure out what is scaring her, to begin with.

    1. Hello there, thank you for your question. If your cat is fine medically, most probably, she can smell or see something that she doesn’t like.
      Cats can be challenging to figure out. In some cases, they like to change places every couple of months too. My cats like to sleep on the chairs for many weeks, and suddenly he would go and sleep in the cupboard for a few weeks. After that, I found him sleeping under a shelf. Possibly, she just changes places. Or she can spot things we can’t. You can try closing the doors to those rooms if you can, or give her a safe place to be for a while where she feels safe. You could try to give her some treats and pet her and comfort her for few minutes a day and try to spot what makes her scared. Let me know how it goes

  2. Hi there

    We have 6 cats and 1 dog. 2 are 5 years 1 are 3 years then we have 3 young ones which is year old the dog are turning 11.

    All getting along where well and all had sleep sofar in the room with us.

    Suddely one of my young ones are scared of the bedroom and the rest are tricker happy still. 5 of the 6 cats are day in and day out in the room but the other one refuse to come near the bedroom – i’m currently have now idea what could’ve happend that we doesn’t come in.

    I’ve pick him up and walked with him in the bed room and in the same movement he just running out, i’v switch the roof fan of to see if that is what could cause the sudden running out – even that was not the problem.

    What can i do, all 6 cats are getting the some amount of love, cuddles, food and treats – what do i do wrong??

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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