Does kitten food make cats fat? Well, this is a good question especially for my own cat, who really likes kitten food. I can’t keep him away, So let’s find out the answer to this question.

Kitten food is rich in nutrients like proteins, taurine, fats, and other essential elements for kittens to grow. When an adult cat regularly eats kitten food, he may gain weight and become fat, especially if he is really greedy and likes to eat a lot. If you want to keep your cat slim, kitten food as a daily diet may not be a good idea.

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Kitten food is made purposely to help kittens grow. Kittens are very active and are developing their bodies every day, for around a year. Therefore this food is made mainly from fats, proteins, and fatty acids necessary to develop a small kitten.

A grown-up cat may be way more sedentary and may like more the couch then spending time running around the house. Of course, it depends on the type of cat; a very active cat may not necessarily gain weight if he is eating kitten food.

Some cats owner purposely feed kitten food to their cat to give him additional nutrients or gain weight if they are worried their cat is too skinny or needs additional nutrients.

So it can go 2 ways, or there is a kitten in the house, and the older cat is stealing the food from him, and thus become fat if this happens over a long period of time, or a cat can be fed on purpose kitten food to provide more nutrients and have him gain weight.


There is a complete study done on this subject by, you can check it out; however, the main difference is in the following:

  • More Protein
  • More calories
  • More fat ( over 21% more then adult cat food, this may be the main culprit for weight gain)
  • Taurine

Those elements are higher in dry and wet kitten food. Unfortunately, prices are also higher for kitten food as compared to adult cat food.

It is always a good idea to check with the veterinarian if you want to fatten your cat about the best strategy, you can for sure give him more nutrients using kitten food. Still, you may also want to check if health problems lead to your cat not gaining weight.


Does kitten food make cats fat

Let’s see what can we do get a cat to gain weight, of course, previous health check, besides feed him kitten food:

  1. If you have more then one cat, you may want to check if the other cats let him eat. It may be that the other cats being more astute, do not let him eat and leave him only leftovers.
  2. Cats sometimes like to eat a bit of food more often than 3 or 4 times a day, so maybe it is good to leave some food in their bowl to eat when they are hungry.
  3. Food should be in a place they can reach easily, and that doesn’t scare them. My cat would not go to his food initially; I had to bring it to him. This was just after we change the house. He was stressed and did not want to go around the house at the very beginning.
  4. Wet food contains more nutrients overall, and if your cat is used only to dry food, it can be a good idea to feed him some wet food. Even though dry food is higher is cards, he may eat a bit more, adding to the diet wet food.
  5. Try to give him some chicken or fish once in a while, I used to get frozen fish, boil it and give it to my cat and he really likes it. He is very picky. Maybe your cat likes similar things, try to find what he may like with some testing.

Usually indoor cats have the opposite problem, meaning they are too fat. However there are always exceptions and here we have some good tips to get your cat to gain some weight.


  • Can kittens eat regular cat food?

It is not a good idea. They could become ill because regular cat food doesn’t have all the nutrients they actually need to grow up.

  • Does dry cat food make cats fat?

Dry cat food is higher in carbohydrates and leads to obesity in cats, and dry food tends to have more calories than wet food. So if a cat is used to eat mainly dry food, chances are he may become fat.

However, not all cats are eating tons of dry food. For example, my cat eats only what he needs, even though he has tons of dry food around the house. He keeps his weight balanced by himself.

  • Canned vs. dry cat food: Which one is better?

There is a huge debate around this topic; it is better you understand the difference between those two types of food, and based on what your cat needs, you feed him accordingly.

Dry food:

  • Economical
  • Easy to administer, you can leave it in the bowl for a long time, and you are good to go
  • It is energy-dense, there are more calories in this type of food
  • Has about 10% moisture content
  • It helps to prevent dental disease

Canned/wet food:

  • It is more expensive
  • It Doesn’t last long time outside
  • Is less energy-dense than dry food
  • Has up to 78% moisture content
  • Tends to have more fat, protein, and taurine

Overall observe your cat, and see what he may need, in doubt, ask the veterinarian. In this way, you would know what to feed him.

Practically for my own cats, I leave out dry food, so they are free to eat it when they want, and 2 times a day, I give them wet food. Incredibly, they do not overeat, don’t clean their dry food bowl, and are not fat at all.

  • Does wet cat food make cats fat?

Usually, overweight cats should be given wet cat food instead of dry food. Therefore this type of food should help weight balance or even help a fat cat to lose weight. Again wet food has lower carbs content.

Cats’ diet is based on protein. Naturally, they should do well with those types of foods, rather than carbs; wet food contains a higher amount of water. Therefore it helps to keep cats hydrated.

If a cat has diabetes, a diet of canned high-protein, low carb cat food can actually resolve their diabetes or help in doing so.



In the end, does kitten food make cats fat? Overall yes, however, you should learn with the difference between the types of food and see what is best for your own cat. Each cat is different, use a good understanding of their needs, and sees what is actually best for them. In doubts, ask the veterinarian.