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Do cats fart when they are scared? This is a fascinating question and an embarrassing and funny topic to cover. I had never thought about it until I heard the first fart from my cat while he was right under my nose.

Cats fart because they have accumulated air in the stomach for reasons such as diets that are high in fiber, too much dairy, too much food, bad quality food, hairballs, stomach problems like worms, allergies, or parasites. The air gets released in case of sudden fear.

Let’s examine this argument.

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I had my cat for two years without thinking he could fart or see him doing it. Then, one night he was lying next to me, and I heard the sound of a fart. I looked at him thinking I was dreaming it. He just kept being cute next to me without even flinching, pretending he did not do anything.

It was at that time I realized he DID actually fart!

That made me wonder. I did some research and found out there are reasons for cats farting:

  • High fibers in their food
  • Dairy
  • Excessive amounts of air
  • Spoiled food or garbage
  • Hairballs
  • Dietary changes
  • Food allergies
  • Parasites and worms
  • Lak of exercise

It is essential not to give a cat too much human food, and when doing so, make sure that the food is something a cat can eat. Too much fiber can create flatulence.

In case of allergies, air or gas can be created in the stomach, which can contribute to gas release in case of a sudden event. Also, as humans do, adrenaline and scary events can bring about a lack of control in cats’ peeing and pooping functions.

In general, cats’ farts are odorless, and you will not hear them doing so. This is because cats are too regal and too gracious to fart loudly; they most probably would do so silently.

However, if they do so often and smell too much, you may suspect they may have a problem. Maybe you want to visit the vet.


In some instances, a cat can fart when picked up. Cats do it as a defense mechanism because they don’t like to be picked up. It can also be because when cats are picked up suddenly, they get scared, or the stomach is pressed too much, releasing its air.

In nature, animals use the flatulence or fart mechanism to keep other animals away due to the foul odors. Cats may involuntarily do something like this. It is hard to think they do it on purpose, but they are brilliant when they want.

It is more likely that picking up the cat suddenly and pressing the stomach at the same time would trigger flatulence.


In most cases, cats’ farts are odorless and silent. In that case, they do not get scared; however, it has happened to cats to release intense gas suddenly and loudly to their surprise. If that happens, cats may jump up, often in the funniest ways possible.

When this happens, they are as surprised as you are and scared for a moment, even cats sometimes can have those embarrassing moments, but they are fast to take back their relaxed and natural elegance.


The phenomenon of cats “farting” when happy is not that known. However, it may have happened to you that your cat comes to you purring, and at the same time, you smell a sort of flatulence. Therefore you are thinking they may be farting.

But what is the true story? Have you ever heard about the anal glands? I believe we are really intruding into the private cat’s business; however, it may be suitable for pet owners to have this information.

In fact, cats could express their anal gland when happy and scared. In addition, they do it to mark territory and a few other reasons.


The anal glands are, in fact, the anal sac: small, pea-sized spaces on either side of your cat’s anus, the anal glands are contained in the anal sacs, and they create an oily, unpleasant-smelling substance that collects within the sacs.

Cats use elements of this sac for marking their territory. For example, when your cat defecates, the anal sacs are squeezed, and their contents are deposited onto the waste.

A big scare can sometimes compress the anal sacs, and cats can expel odor. It is not necessarily farting. It’s similar to the defense mechanism used by skunks. We should be glad that cats don’t have the kind of aim with their anal sacs that skunks do!

Therefore, when happy, some cats like to mark their territory rubbing against things; in such a case, their anal glands can start to work, releasing smell. We should realize it is not an actual fart, but it could be mistaken for one.


Typically we would not hear it; therefore, it is difficult to quantify, but you can expect your cat to fart each time he has stomach trouble. Lousy food, change in diets, and parasites can be the reasons for cats farting through a period.

For example, I adopted a cat, and she would fart every day for two months until her stomach adapted to the new food. Then, she came from a shelter where she got a different food brand.

Her farts were without sound, but I could smell it! You can have cats farting once in a while and cats going through periods of stomach trouble that make them fart all day long!

If your cat is the one who is farting a lot with sounds, he may fart every week or very often because he may have issues digesting or a bad diet.


Your cat never farts because you can’t hear it or you are not in the vicinity to smelly. In addition, your cat might not fart if they do not have troubles with their stomach and their diet is appropriate and healthy.

I believe that cats do fart silently, or maybe they do it when you are not nearby, so it is possible you never came across this phenomenon.

Be assured cats do it!


If your cat is gassy or often farting, you want to give him food that can reduce gas and help him digest better. In fact, the first thing to look up can be his diet.

You could try hypoallergenic food if you know or suspect your cat be allergic to something. Try low grain food if there is too much fiber in his food.

For example, natural cat food (grain-free, no hormones, antibiotic-free, gluten-free :

Try feeding him for a while natural food and see if it gets better.


Aside from changing your cat’s diet with time, using more natural, low grain type of food, you can also try to offer smaller and more frequent meals.

Do not let him eat spoiled food, garbage, or anything he finds around, and finally, try to play with him to do more exercise to help the digestive system.

Here are some of the things you can do to get rid of flatulence in your cat:

  • Reduce dairy or get rid of it from your cat’s diet
  • Feed your cat proteins and fat and avoid foods with high fiber or grains
  • Use hairball remedies
  • Switch your cat food slowly
  • Ask vet assistance to figure out if your cat has allergies
  • Make your cat more active
  • Feed your cat smaller portions


Is it okay to fart on cats?

It is better not to fart on cats because they can get scared from the sudden sound. On the other hand, some cats do not care if you fart near them or not. It all depends on your cat’s personality.

Why do cats fart in your face?

Cats fart in your face because they are not aware that they are releasing gas in a sensible human body part. Cats are uncaring of personal space because they do not think like humans.

They get near your face to show affection, and at times it happens they fart too.

Do cats fart smell?

Cats’ farts smell. In general, when cats fart, you smell them before hearing them. This is because they often fart silently, and often each fart smells terrible. However, in some cases, cats’ farts do not smell or just a little.

Do cats know they fart?

Cats know they fart but do not perceive farting as a shameful activity. For them, it is releasing gas that creates discomfort. All they know is that they feel better by doing it.

Do cats fart when nervous?

Cats can release gas when they are scared as an uncontrolled reflex, and it is the same when they are nervous. They can release gas involuntarily when they are nervous.

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