My cat listens to me, or at least he does most of the time. It is notorious that cats do what they want, and they listen to what they like. They may decide to ignore you completely, and then five minutes later come to you demanding attention. What is wrong with them?

Cats may listen to you and who they believe is their owner. Even though cats may appear to be untrainable and impossible to educate, they can actually learn your commands, learn to listen to you, and come to you when you call them. Cats with a particular bond with owners may be even more sensitive to commands than what the owner tells them. The general appearance and how cats operate make them look uncontrollable, but they are not.

Let’s go more in details.

My cat listens to me.


I am very proud when I say that my cat grew up to be very well educated and listens to me in many instances. What do I mean that my cat listens to me? I mean that he comes when I call his name, he comes to me when I say “Come!” he understands when I say “NO,” and he stops what he is doing. Sometimes I talk to him, and he meows back to me. Somehow he listens to what I am saying, maybe he doesn’t understand anything of what I am saying, but he seems to get that I am talking to him.

I often open the front door, and he goes out, he uses to walk a few meters further from the door, but if I say to come back, he comes back. If he disagrees, he meows at me in a complaining tone. Sometimes he wants to stay out a bit longer. All those signals and some other things made me think that my cat listens to me.

I have analyzed how come my cat and I have such an incredible bond and how he came to be so well behaved and listen to what I say.

Here my findings and tips for any cat owner:


I used to work a lot when my cat was a kitten, but when I came home, I spent time with him, playing and making him do things, like following a ball and teaching him words. Spending time with my cat made him bond with me over time.

Later on, when I started to work from home, he got me at home nearly the entire day; he became even more willing to sleep next to me and be less afraid of my movements. My cat is timid, so If I managed to listen to me, it should be easier with any other cat. The point is to have cats to be used to us.

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When you tell your cat a word or to do something, you have to associate the sound of your word with action, repeat it over time, and your cat will learn what it means. Cats require patient and time, but they will get there. When I tell my cat, “Come,” If he doesn’t follow, I pick him up and make him follow me. I use also treats to reward him.

Do this long enough, and he will understand it. This works and teaches a cat where to scratch things and other routines you want to teach your cat.


This may sound weird, but actually, it is not. Cats send signals and use to meow at us to tell us things they want and need. My cat uses to meow at me and looks at me when he wants something. He may want different things; by looking at him, I can figure what he wants.

Usually, he meows and goes toward a direction to show me what he wants, open a door, give him a treat, sometimes he wants me to follow him to his litter box, open a window, and so on.

You can say what this has to do with making your cat listing to you? In fact, a lot because if your cat knows that he can communicate with you because you understand him, the bond your has with him will become more solid, and he will be more eager to listen to you.


I never beat my cat, even when he did some major disaster. I do not throw him around or do anything that inflicts him any pain. Only the vet and cleaning his fur when needed, he doesn’t like it, but I have to.

But, he understands I am not an enemy when I do that. I never tried to scare him off; or made him think I wan to harm him. We have been playing chasing each other. He knew we were playing. Sometimes I stumbled on his tail, he was upset, but we made friends again with a few treats. In other words, make your cat know that you are a friend so that he will listen to you.

Some people may suggest using water spray on a cat, scolding him, beating him, or other harsh techniques. I never had to do it, and I do not think it is necessary. My cat listens to me, anyway.


Here some related questions to “My cat listens to me,” and related answers:

  • What does it mean when your cat talks to you?

When a cat talks to you means that your cat trusts you enough to interact with you. It also means that he needs something or wants you to do something. You have to watch what he is doing or near what he is going to. In this way, you can understand what he needs.

  • Do cats listen when you talk to them?

In my experience, they listen when you talk to them. If they decide to act on your voice or commands, it is another point. Cats can decide not to act on what you are telling them; in this, they are like a primadonna. This very aspect makes cats have a reputation for selfish and individuated pets.

  • What are cats saying when they meow?

You cat understand what cats are saying by little clues. When they meow, looking at you and pointing in a direction, it is a clue for what they need to follow him. If their meow sounds too much like a complaint, they are not happy about something and need your help.

Looking at them should give an idea of what they want; if they are near the food area, they are hungry. Maybe they meowed before, and you did not listen to what they wanted, now they are complaining. If they meow for no apparent reason, maybe they are in pain.

The best course of action is to observe them when they are meowing and understand what they want.

  • Why do cats meow back when you talk to them?

Those are rare moments, you talk to the cat, and he meows back at you. You tell him is most probably a mystery to him and what he is telling you is a mystery to you. However, if he replies to your voice, he is trying to communicate with you anyway, it is cute and a sigh your cat wants to interact with you. He is more intelligent than we think. It is always nice when a cat or dog talks back to you.


My cat listens to me, and yours? Let us know in the comments below if you have a particular or special relationship with your cat. Let us know what tricks you use to make them listen to you.

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