If you want to write an article for this site, if you are passionate about cats and want to share your experience, DorkyCats accept guest posts. We are not selling links or promoting any link building. Still, if you do take the time to write a well-researched article, we believe there is nothing wrong in linking back to the writer’s bio, profile, or any other relevant article.

We do not accept spam or articles that will NOT help DorkyCats readers.

Here is a summary of guidelines to follow:

  • Your article answer a search query in Google
  • Words between 1250 and 1500
  • It follows the format of the other articles on this site
  • You do not mind it is edited to match the site theme and layout
  • You do not mind if we feel we need to add a few things ( we rather not )
  • Only texts, we will provide the pin and the image, unless you want to share something specific to the article
  • Do not write about a topic that is already covered in this site.
  • It has to be an original article not copied, we do not accept articles already published somewhere else
  • Try to do a good job and research the topic well, the article has to be useful to someone

There are tons of things to write about. If you need ideas, write to us, and we will give you a few ideas.

Rules about linking:

  • Add one or two links to external valid and quality resources
  • We do not care if it goes back to your site, as far as it is not junk or spam


Send the articles to info@iamreallife.com.

If it follows all the requirements above will be published within 48-72h, and we will let you know about it.