Why is my cat obsessed with my bras? Cats are known for being funny, unpredictable, for being weird, but this? What is the reason for cats being obsessed with bras?

The reason cats are obsessed with bras is because they like the fabric, they like that there are stuffed materials in some of them, it is a good place to put their teeth, they like that there is your smell in it, and they like the bra straps. Bra straps are perfect for playing; cats like long strings of materials; they would play forever with it.

Of all the cat topics I have written about, this is for sure one of the funniest. I like to go more into it and see what cats do exactly with our bras, and why is my cat obsessed with my bras instead of normal clothes?

Why is my cat obsessed with my bras


If you have a cat, it may have happened that as soon as you took out your bra, he sneaked right behind you and took possession of your bra; maybe he runs away with it, or just jumped on it and bite it, or pock it, in other words, your cat has a complete obsession with bras.

Let’s talk about bras for a second. Why are bras so attractive for cats? Well, if you look at bras, you can see they are a perfect versatile object that your cat can use for multiple functions.

First the bra straps, perfect toy for a cat to bit on, carry around and play in may way with. And what about the padded bras? Aren’t they perfect for a kitten to sleep in? Soft but not too much, rounded so he can curly on it and take a nice nap.

And what about the smell? Where you just wearing it? Perfect! Now he gets a toy and a sleeping bag with your scent on it. What else could he want? All those things should give a pretty good answer as to why my cat is obsessed with my bras.


Why is my cat obsessed with my bras, and why my cat would like to sleep on bras? Those are questions for which we will never have an absolute logical answer when it comes to cats.

I have the feeling that cats sometimes have a plan or a plot against humans? You can find them do the most absurd things like it would be the most normal thing ever!

Sleeping on a bra is, of course, normal activity for a cat. Let’s think about it for a moment; Bras are comfy, especially the padded ones, but most importantly, they carry your scent. Especially bras that you just took off.

Cats use to sleep in a place you just slept on or were sitting on because they feel more secure if they sleep in an area that carries your scent. Cats like their humans and some of them may very well think you are the mother cat, especially if you had them since they were tiny.

You may have seen cats rolling and rubbing against your bra, they recognize there is your smell on it, and of course, they need to mark it, meaning leave their scent on it too, so they know you ( in this case, your bra too) belong to them. It is not difficult to see why my cat is obsessed with my bras after understanding him better.


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Here some related questions to “Why is my cat obsessed with my bras”:

  • Why does my cat want to lay on my shoes?

Your shoes have just been outside. Therefore they carry new smells. Your cat may be curious about it and be all over your shoes. Your cat can also smell your scent and therefore feel comfortable sitting in your shoes, playing with it, or even sleeping into it.

  • Why do my cats like to smell stinky stuff so much?

Cats are curious. Normally they would put their nose into anything by default. Cats seem to be built that way. However, when there is a new strong smell, they are all over it, analyzing it, figuring out what it is, learning from it.

Sometimes I see my cat smelling one thing for 10 minutes. If I bring a shopping bag full of things, he comes right away, sniffing everything until I take everything away.

A new smell for a cat tells a story. Cats use the sense of smell to understand a lot of things we can’t.

  • Why Do Cats Leave Their Mouths Open After Smelling Something?

It is the funny way cats have to analyze new scents; by doing so, they allow the smell to travel to the back of their mouth to understand better what they are dealing with.

Somehow doing it, let them perform a better smell check!

  • Why does my cat like smelling my armpit?

Armpits are a concentration of smell and sweat; cats are for sure attracted to it, especially if it is your smell. They may want to sniff it and rub themselves on it, to put their scent. Strong odors are magnets for cats.

  • Why is my cat obsessed with my bras and peed on it?

Instead of rubbing on it, a cat may be on it to mark your bra with their scent as a territorial act. Your cat wants to be sure that “your” bra is now marked as his bra. I guess this is another weird thing cats do.

  • Is it normal for my cat to smell my dirty underwear?

Animals tend to like the smell of their owners, and as a result, they sometimes like to go into their owner’s dirty clothes and roll around in them. My cat uses to jump into the laundry basket and sleep in it. Underwear is one of the items of clothing where a person’s unique scent is most pungent.

Cats also like to mark their owners with their own scent. This is why cats like to rub up against furniture and their owners because they claim them with their own scent.

Sometimes cats will roll around in dirty or freshly washed clothes because if you wear these clothes that smell like them, then every other cat knows you belong.

With cats, it is never clear who belongs to who. It is you belonging to your cat, or is your cat actually belong to you?

  • Does my cat know my clothes aren’t me?

Yes, they definitively know somehow clothes aren’t you. My cat would sleep on my clothes when I leave them on the bed, for sure enjoying my scent on it, but he knows that the clothes are not me, he sees I change clothes every day, and for him, it is the same.

He also comes to the bathroom when I am in the shower and seems to me without clothes; he doesn’t act differently. I can also see that he acts with an object differently than leaving beings. Therefore he must understand the difference.

  • Is putting clothes on cats bad?

First, we have to see if you can even manage to dress a cat; if your cat let it be done, great! However, cats do not like it at all. My cat doesn’t like clothes on his collars. He wants to be free and able to move.

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Hopefully, we have answered the question: “Why is my cat obsessed with my bras?”. If you have more questions, write it in the comments below.


Why is my cat obsessed with my bras?

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