Why does my cat eat grass? It is a good question; I always wondered how cats are eating grass and other strange things. It seems they can eat everything, or they try to put in their mouse any new object.

The reason cats are eating grass is that it helps clean their stomach and helps digestive functions. They are instinctively attracted by grass because it is in their nature and evolutional history of using grass to expel parasites and hairballs.

What else is there?

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My cat may be the only exception to usual cats habit; he doesn’t eat grass, doesn’t jump high, doesn’t break anything.

But for the rest, cats use to eat grass. Why does my cat eat grass? is a good question to answer. Let’s see what the reasons cats may eat grass are:


As mentioned above, cats instinctively eat grass to clear their stomach. They may have parasites, hairballs, and other problems; their stomach can resolve all those problems with grass consumption. Sometimes after they have eaten grass, cats can vomit, which is part of the clearing process.

Grass also contains vitamins and acid folic, containing vitamin b9. Cats could be attracted by grass as they feel they need to compensate lack of those elements in their system.

By eating grass, cats are putting at work the digestive muscles in the stomach, clearing worms and other parasites. For them, it is a mechanical act.

According to some other theories, grass act as laxative and help to resolve constipation problems.


If your cat is anxious, it may chew on things more often, including grass or other house plants. Some of my friends had to move plants out because their cats would eat on them. If a cat is usually chewing on things, it would be expected that a new source of smell and color like grass would be a target for him.


A kitten or a cat that likes to play can be a target: a plant, grass, couch, ball, and everything in between. My cat wanted to poke plants and eventually chew them. Especially for indoor cats, something new, new colors, and small are very attractive. I am pretty sure my cat does this reasoning: “Uhm, grass! Maybe a new thing to play with?


Besides the instinct, there have been other studies showing that cats may very well enjoy the grass and chewing on it after all. Even if they can vomit after, they still like doing it. Not too much to think about it; they like the taste of it.


There are a lot of questions or related arguments that need an answer. My cat, for example, doesn’t care about grass too much; if he goes out or sees a plant, he may attack it.

My father, instead, has five cats and he buys grass for them, they jump on it like there is no tomorrow and eat it all. They do not vomit after it usually, it keeps their stomach clean and even the teeth.

I had no idea people would buy grass for their cats, but it is real, and you can find it in pet shops and big stores. One question could be “Why my cat doesn’t eat grass?” instead of “Why does my cat eat grass?”.

Here some related questions to “Why does my cat eat grass?”:

  • Should indoor cats eat grass?

By what we learned above, grass has good cleanses quality, and cats are instinctively attracted by it, therefore it is better to buy it and give it to them. This keeps their instinct intact and has benefits.

Some of the benefits may be:

  • Prevent Fur Balls
  • Helps Digestion
  • Increase Water Intake
  • Encourages Natural Marking Behaviour
  • Resemble Wild Prey Nutrients
  • Help to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection
  • Assists with Resolving “Scarf & Barf”
  • Provide Minerals and Nutrients
  • Stimulates A Cat’s Environment
  • Prevents Constipation
  • Cats Love it!
  • Can I grow grass for my cat?

Yes, you can, and you should. If you grow grass instead of randomly having your cat eating it somewhere, you are sure there are no chemicals and pesticides.

  • Should I try to have my cat eating grass?

Yes, because it is part of their instincts and due to the benefit listed above. Cats can get a lot of benefits from the grass.

  • What are the best cat grass to grow for cats?

At DorkyCats, we believe in natural products that can improve our little friends’ health and quality of life. They do deserve the best. Here are our choices of organic grass to grow for cats:

  • Should cat eat grass every day?

Cats commonly eat grass; however, if they consume too much of it, they may start having diarrhea and stomach problems. If you see they are excessively eating grass, it may be related to a lack of nutrients in their diet or some other health problem. Better ask the veterinarian for advice.

  • It is eating grass safe for cats?

Providing it is not too much and not treated with harmful products; eating grass has some benefits for cats; therefore, it is safe.

  • My cat is eating grass and then throwing up, what should I do?

It can happen for cats to throw up right after eating grass; this is due to a lack of a robust digestive system. It is not a problem; often, they do eat grass because it allows them to vomit and clean the stomach. Providing there is nothing wrong with the grass they took, it can be expected.

  • How to stop my cat from eating grass?

It is difficult; eating grass is part of a cat DNA. However, if, for some reason, he can’t have it, then the best solution would be to keep him indoor or to be with him when he is outside to be sure he is not doing it.

  • What happens if my cat eats too much grass?

If cats are overeating grass, maybe they could have a stomach problem, or have some nutrition deficiency. If this repeats, it would be wise to check with the vet. If it happens sporadically, he may vomit, and that is it.

  • Do cats eat grass when they have worms?

They instinctively may do that. The grass substance tends to wrap around the worm and expel it through the stool.

  • Instead of Why does my cat eat grass? I would ask why my cat doesn’t it grass?

I have the opposite question; in fact, my cat doesn’t eat any grass or plant, my father brought home a pot of grass for him, but he completely ignored it. He did not even show an interest.

I thought it is weird, it doesn’t looks like a normal cat response, from the other site my cat (Coco) is often not behaving like an average cat. He is picky about his food, he selectively eats. I guess he doesn’t feel the need that other cats may have for grass. So I let him.

A simple answer is that a cat may not feel the need for grass.


I hope you found the right answer to “why does my cat eat grass.” I’ll see you in the next article. If you have any questions, use the comment below.


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Why does my cat eat grass?