Why do cats like people who are allergic to them? It is funny to see that sometimes people who can’t have interactions with cats are attracting even more attention from them. How is this possible?

Cats are attracted to people who are allergic to them because they behave in a way cats think is friendly. In fact, an allergic person would not look at them (stare), would not try to pick them up, or do sudden movements toward them. Overall they do not do things cats do not like.

Therefore people allergic to cats are the ones who behave with cats exactly as cats would want. Big thumb up for them!

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I have a funny story to tell you that really supports the controversial reasons for cats liking people who are allergic to them.

My cat, Coco, is a scared one; he likes only when he is alone with me in a very calm house, only when he is alone with me he can be himself, and he shows his personality,

He is such a prima donna that before letting a friend into the house, I had to them to stand at the front door for ten minutes before allowing them in so that my cat had the time to sniff them and see that they were not dangerous and they were not about to eat him.

Too bad for my friends to enter my house! Even though they seem to allow my cat this privilege, as otherwise, they would not have the chance to see him, since he would find a cupboard opened or a hole someplace and would hide terrified.

His Majesty – Coco

On the other side, another friend of mine came to a sleepover one night. She entered the house, went about her business, took out the clothes from her luggage, talked to me, and completely ignored the fact there was a cat in the house. We had too much to talk to each other.

And at some point, there he came! Coco came around in the room and even jumped on the bed, sniffing around utterly okay that she moved around talking loudly.

I was shocked! What the fluff happened suddenly? Did my cat decide to be ok with strangers? How could that be?

Ok, but what this story has to do with why do cats like people who are allergic to them? It has a lot to do with it because my friend’s behavior is the answer to this question.

Allergies to cats Allergic symptoms associated with cats include coughing, wheezing, chest tightening, itching, nasal congestion, rash, watering eyes, sneezing, chapped lips, and similar symptoms. In worst-case scenarios, allergies to cats can develop into more life-threatening conditions such as rhinitis and mild to severe forms of asthma.[1] Despite these symptoms, there are many types of solutions to mitigate the allergic effects of cats, including medications, vaccines, and home remedies. Hypoallergenic cats are another solution for individuals who want pets without allergic consequences. Furthermore, prospective pet owners can reduce allergic reactions by selecting cats of a specific gender or color, which are associated with lower production of allergens. (Ref. Wikipedia)


It is a funny cat behavior that they like people who pretend they do not exist. If there is an example in nature that opposite attracts each other, this is a perfect example.

My friend’s disinterest for my cat made him feel safe, and he felt comfortable to come close and be in the room with us. It is controversial because people who want to be friends with cats are rejected! They move too fast toward them, try to pet them, and pick them up.

Wait a moment!

They did not have the time to get to know the stranger, sniff them, learn their odors. Why someone that did not let them be smelled should come so close? Obviously those strangers are hunters, and they want to eat cats!

Cats are usually always on alert, they are hunters, but they also know that they can be hunted anytime. Therefore any movements sound out of the ordinary makes them put up a “Red Alarm.”

So, why do cats like people who are allergic to them? Because they are not a threat in their mind. Cats have a weird logic at times.

In summary: Cats think excessive love is like being hunted! Withdrawn people are not! Well, sure cats are not very good at judging friendship, but at least this instinct has kept them alive.


Despite what scientists can say about no evidence that cats can sense people’s intentions, I do believe cats can feel if other animals of humans do not like them.

It is not because they can read minds, simply because people who do not like cats will act in such a way to make cats afraid.

Even with their weird cat logic, cats are still very intuitive and have incredible instincts. People who do not like cats may push them away, even if at the beginning, cats can think they are friendly because they are being ignored instead of being attacked, in the long run, cats are not going to feel good around such people.


Here some related questions and answers for “Why do cats like people who are allergic to them” :

  • I am allergic to cats but I want one, what should I do?

It is possible to have a cat even though one is allergic, it is important to assess how severe the allergy is and deal with it with medicines following doctors’ suggestions.

There is also the possibility to adopt a Hypoallergenic cats.

Hypoallergenic cat: is a cat that is less likely to provoke an allergic reaction in humans. Although the topic is controversial, owners’ experience and clinical studies suggest that Siberian catsDevon Rex and Cornish Rex catsAbyssinian catsBalinese cats, and several other breeds, especially females, are likely to have low levels of Fel d 1, the main allergenic protein (Ref Wikipedia)

  • Can you live with a cat if you are allergic?

Yes, you could if your allergy is not too severe. You can ask your doctor for advice. You could see to adopt a hypoallergenic type of cat and see if that helps.

  • How can you tell if you are allergic to cats?

You can tell if you are allergic to cats by different symptoms that will show up after you have been in contacts with cats:

  • Sneezing
  • coughing and wheezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy, red, or watery eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • hives or a rash on the chest and face
  • Itchy nose, the roof of the mouth, or throat
  • Postnasal drip
  • Cough
  • Facial pressure and pain
  • Frequent awakening
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • An audible whistling or wheezing sound when exhaling
  • Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing
  • Swollen, blue-colored skin under your eyes
  • Raised, red patches of skin (hives)
  • Eczema
  • Itchy skin

Ask the doctor for advice and confirm it.

  • What I do if I don’t love my cat anymore?

It can happen for a reason or another that people may stop liking their cat. if this happens there are a few things that one can do:

  1. If your cat is not matching with your personality, try to learn why cats do what they do and ways to bond with him. Giving him treats and finding ways to make him behave requires patience, but it can be done.
  2. If there is really nothing to do to bond with your cat, find a loving family that can adopt the cat, you can place ads in trustable magazines or online, ask friends, or go to a shelter.
  • Do air purifiers help with cat allergies?

Yes, they do. They can clean the air, reduce odors, particles in the air like saliva, cat air, and pet dander.

Pet dander is very tiny particles of skin that had been shed from animals with fur or feathers. There are good chances a good air purifier can help you with reducing allergy reactions.


Why do cats like people who are allergic to them? Well, I think we have addressed the subject from different angles. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments below.

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