Why do cats cross their paws? have you seen your cat sitting all regal crossing his legs in front of him? Well, cats can seem very prime and very aristocratic. Why they do that?

Cats cross their paws in front of them when they are relaxed and are enjoying their time and your company; they are lounging and being very satisfied with how things are. If cats cross their legs near you means they trust you and are not expecting to engage in any fight anytime soon.

Let’s dive into it.

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Sometimes cats are found to sit very aristocratically and cross their paw in front of them while observing the world from the top. They really look cute when they do so, but why would they actually take such a posture?

When I observe my cat, he usually takes this position when he is sitting next to me, at a fair distance, he can extend his front paws ahead of him, he can keep his head raised, and usually, he looks at the room and what is going on around it. Often he closes his eyes, and he starts sleeping standing in that way. He looks like a sphinx.

He does this usually when I am also sitting, watching TV, or writing, and I am not likely to move around the house. We are generally alone, and there aren’t scary noises, my cat can relax and enjoy his time with me.

Why do cats cross their paws?

This is Coco. I manage to take this picture in one of those relaxation moments while he is crossing his paws in front of him, he had his eyes closed, and the only reason he opened them up was that I was moving around him taking the photo.

As you can see, he feels comfortable and content, and he likes to sit there and watch me work. Despite being relaxed and knowing that I am not jumping on him to cook him for dinner, if he closed his eyes and tried to chill for a bit, he will still open them just a bit to watch what I am doing if I move.

In any case, if a cat arrives at the point to sit with the paws crossed in front of them, you have gained the full trust of your cat, he is comfortable, and he knows there is no immediate danger to him.


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  • Why does my cat reach his paw out to me?

Cats usually reach out with their paws to touch you because they want attention. As a matter of fact, my cat uses to sneak up to me, and if I do not pet him, he reaches with his paw and touches my arm and hand until I start petting him.

He does the same in the morning when he comes to me. He is so sweet to reach out with his paw and touch my face while he lays on me. It is really a sweet sign of affection.

If your cat reaches his paws out to you, he really likes you and tries to connect with you. If you have a kitten near you, she may be reaching with her paws to your hand because she wants to play.

Also, grown-up cats may do the same if they are in a playful mood. Often in the morning, my cats reach out with his paw in my face to wake me up. At this point, I know that he wants food. I now start to recognize what each touch on my cat paws means.


Why do cats cross their paws? As you know, cats are elegant and gracious creatures, and it incredible that they can be so classy in many circumstances.

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