How to know if your cat sees a ghost? Have you experienced the funny and maybe a little bit creepy experience of your cat suddenly jumping up, running away, or even becoming puffy with all his fur standing straight. Well, then welcome to the club, know that you are not alone.

The best way to know that your cat has just seen a ghost is by his reaction; cats would have their fur straight up, would look into space seeing something we don’t, often they run behind nonexisting things, sometimes they would behave like they are fighting something in front of them having their ears flat, the back arched and jumping sideways, but there is nothing in front of them, other times they may growl at the space.

Let’s find out more about it.

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Whether you are a believer in supernatural, extra-natural ( is that even a word?), paranormal, metaphysical, transcendental, mystic, and all the rest of the resounding words, you may not have passed on your cat’s inexplicable reactions to invisible things.

The internet is full of people who google “why my cat is staring at nothing,” “does my cat see things I don’t,” “why my cat stares at the wall?”, “why is my cat suddenly scared?” and I can go on forever. People can perceive something more than the visible world as we know it through our eyes. Or maybe we are all fascinated by ghostlike events, or maybe we want to believe that we are not alone, and after all, there is more than just matter.

We are the ones that want to believe that there is something more, that after all, we are not materialistic individuals after terrain pleasures? Or do our cats really see that “something more” we want so badly to believe exists?

Many superstitions are going on with cats, like the nine lives ( or seven depending on where you live), how unlucky or lucky one can be if a black cat crosses your path, or the bad luck you would bring upon yourself if you look for too long into a cat-eye. Black cats have been associated for centuries with witches, ghosts, and similar events. Some other superstitions associate black cats and cats with luck.

Have we seen the Ghost movie with Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and Patrick Swayze too many times?

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Surely those superstition comes about ignorance and often got into cruelty towards cats and black cats specifically. However, if cats have been at the center of so many words and stories, maybe there is some truth in it, after all.

What you think? (Leave us a comment below and let us know). How to know if your cat sees a ghost?


If you have not seen it yet, expect to have this experience with your cat anytime soon. Cats can stop in their track and start staring at empty walls, space for hours. They just stand there and stare without moving. Coming close, one can see absolutely nothing.

Your cat is just staring at something that isn’t there, is it? We know that cats have the ability to see colors with wavelengths that we can’t catch.

A 2014 study found that, along with several other mammals, cats lenses transmit significant amounts of ultraviolet (UVA 315–400 nm) light, which suggests that they possess sensitivity to this part of the spectrum. (Ref Wikipedia)

It is only this fact, or they can really see a ghost? Maybe they are staring into a ghost hanging around in the wall or the space your cat is staring at.


On a nice evening, you are sitting on the couch watching TV while you adorable cat is sitting next to you as a loyal companion when all of a sudden he jumps on all his four paws, he flattens his hears and become all puffy, all his fur become straight up, he looks like an electric shock has hit him.

Wait a moment, was it the movie? No, it was just a comedy; what the fluff is gotten into him? Looking around, nothing is moving, and the house is quiet; nobody is at the door. However, the cat is about to kill someone or die of a heart attack.

Is it possible we are not alone and that there is actually someone or something in the room? Standing to your cat YES!


From total calm, your cat starts to growl and hiss at the space, again you go close and see absolutely nothing, you try to calm him, and nothing happens, what is he seeing?


One day I saw my cat running back and forth in the leaving room in the pointing position like stalking something. I came close to him to see what kind of bug he was hunting, afraid that it was something bad for him, and I saw nothing.

He was running behind nothing or something that only he could see. I stared at him for a while, still could not understand what he was doing. It made me wonder if we were alone in the room.


Your cat suddenly runs and hides into a spot or his favorite hiding place, like under the bed, into the cupboard, for no apparent reasons. There is nothing in the house moving, but still, he is afraid. It is challenging to tell what got into him since nothing apparent is happening.


This is really funny to see, your cat is next to you, and suddenly he moves his head from side to side repeatedly like he is following some movements of prey or a bug; the only problem with this scenario is that once again, there is nothing in the house and in the room that is moving.

How to know if your cat sees a ghost? Do you know of other signs that indicate your cat has seen a ghost?


Your cat may go on an adventure in your house; you see him going around like he is searching for something, he is walking lowered on the floor, smelling everything, giving the impression he is after something.

He may vocalize meowing often during the search. There is nothing new in the house, yet he is looking for something all over.


Your cat may go close to a corner of the room or a part of the house, stop there and start meowing for no reason, giving the impression he has seen something, and he is guarding that something. We normally do not give much importance to weird things that cats do.

What about if he sees something or there is a reason for what he is doing?

How to know if your cat sees a ghost? He does most of the things listed above.


Here some related questions to: “How to know if your cat sees a ghost?” and related answers:

  • Do cats protect their owners?

I have written a full article about cats protecting their owner and another article about cats sensing bad energy and saving people’s lives. Cats are extraordinary creatures, and they are very much liked by people not only because they are fluffy and adorable, but they are also weird, and they get through troubles more often than not. Cats are affectionate and protect their owners when they can.

  • Can cats feel energy?

Again yes, cats can feel when you are sad, angry, and when something is wrong. Some cats are more intelligent than others; however, if you live with a cat and get to know him, you will see that they are more sensitive than what is generally thought of them.

  • Do cats see things we don’t?

As explained above, cats have the possibility to see different wavelengths of lights we can’t. Cats can also see better in low light situations; while we have a problem to move in a semi-dark environment, cats do not have that problem. Cats also seem to stare at things we don’t see, giving the impressions that they can see invisible things.

  • Do cats have a 6th sense?

with all the stories around the web about cats saving people lives, knowing when someone has cancer, or when an imminent danger is around the corner, makes us believe that cats have a 6th sense. Cats can see and ear and smell things we can’t and can be much more alert to environmental hazard.

Some of those stories go beyond the fact of being a cat with acute senses. Well, cats may have not only the 6th sense but also do more than we think.

  • What does a black cat symbolize?

As mentioned above, cats symbolize different things based on the different cultures of different world places. For example, in some parts of England, black cats are considered to bring luck, while black cats are associated with unlucky events in most common traditions.

Take into account that most of this symbolization is coming from superstitions and are not based on facts. Therefore depending on where you are, black cats can symbolize either luck or bad luck.

  • Why are black cats black?

Black cats are black based on genetics; the fact is that black cats have less melanin, which causes the fur to be black. It has nothing to do with luck or bad luck.


How to know if your cat sees a ghost? I hope you found the reading enjoyable; if you want to add something of you have seen your cat chasing a ghost, please write it in the comments below.


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