Do cats understand kisses


Do cats understand kisses? What happens after you kiss your cat? Does he seem to realize you just kissed him or thinks you are about to cook him and eat him?

I can say that cats do understand kisses; they know you are kissing them and that you want to show them affection. It is similar to when they come on you and lick your face; they understand it, even though sometimes they seem to dislike it.

What can we discover about kissing cats?

Do cats understand kisses? What happens after you kiss your cat?


Do cats understand kisses for real, or we want to project in them more qualities than they really have? What happens when you kiss your cat?

My cats react a bit differently, depending on the mood they are in. The older cat, the scared one, allows me to kiss him when he is coming to me to get his cuddles dose. At that time, I am allowed to kiss him on his nose and chin.

Sometimes I can kiss him when I am feeding him. He is also in a very good mood right before eating. The other time I am allowed to kiss him is when he is sleeping, providing I come closer very slowly.

In the beginning, I was a bit upset because he did not let me give him kisses; after all, I am feeding him, can he not give me 10 minutes a day when I can pet him, kiss him and cuddle with him? I had to learn to understand him.

The younger cat allows me more kissing time. She is also more trusting. I guess it really depends on the cat’s personality how they react when we kiss them.

Even though they have different reactions, I can see that when they get kissed, they know that we are “kissing them,” meaning they know we are showing affection. Cats use to do similar things with other cats, liking them in the chin and sometimes in the mouth.

Certainly we are not going to lick them, however a kiss could resemble it.


If you observe a cat and leave with one, you will see that cats actually show affection and understand it. In their own way, of course.

Cat are very selective of when to come for cuddles, or when you can touch them, some cats have very affectionate characters, and the only thing they want is to cuddle and come on you. Unfortunately, not every cat created that way like not every human likes to be with other humans.

Do cats understand kisses on not? Do cats understand if you love them? Do cats know when you are showing them affection?

In short, YES! Yes to all those questions.

Cats have a funny way to show you they understand your love. It isn’t easy to understand what they really think of you. But if you observe them and live with them, you may come to the same conclusion.

The fact that they are selective with their cuddling and may seem detached doesn’t mean they can’t feel love, or they do not love you or other animals; there are many examples in the web of cats saving their owners or other animals.

It shows without any doubt that cats are different inside than what they wan to show to the world. Somehow cats don’t sell themselves from this point of view.


Hugs are a bit different than kisses. When you hug a cat, you have to come very close and encircle them. Cats may not like it very much, even though they understand it is a sign of affection. This is true for most cats.

Some cats want to be hugged; there are examples of it in videos shared on the web. While it is definitively not common for a cat to want to be hugged, some want and search for this type of affection.

This video should show evidence that cats are capable of affection, love, and hugging. They can hide their sentiments, but in fact, they are lovable animals.

My cat, Coco, is not a hugger. I would have liked to have him more inclined to show affection. The most he has hugged has been my arm! But I still love him a lot.

Do cats understand kisses? Yes. Do cats understand affection and hugs? Yes. Do cats understand they are loved? Yes, again,


Here so related questions do: “Do cats understand kisses?”:

  • Do cats know you love them?

Yes, you can see this from the love they give you. If they sense you do not love them, they will not come looking for your affection. Like other animals, cats want to be loved; they know if you actually like them or not, it comes out from how you behave toward them.

  • What does a cat feel when you kiss them?

When they are in the mood for a kiss, when you kiss them they feel pleasure and affection, I can see it on my cat face when I kiss him. Providing he is coming to me looking for cuddles, if I try to do it any other time, he may not like it and try to avoid the kiss, or he would let me kiss him but I can see that he is really making an effort.

  • Do cats understand when you talk to them?

Cats understand when you start speaking to them, my cat when I start talking to him, use to meow back at me, we have an entire conversation, he tells the cat language, and I speak my language. So I am not sure what he understands, I believe he can pick up on the tone, wavelength, whether I am screaming or not, or if I am mad.

I see that he understand it because he reacts accordingly. When I am mad, he tends to hide; when I tell him good things, he uses to come closer between my legs or smelling my hands.

  • Do cats understand when I cry?

I haven’t cried much around my cat, but one time it happened, and he came in the room from the bathroom and started to stare at me for the entire time I was crying. He was staring at me, looking like afraid. In fact, he was on al his four paws, looking like he was ready to bolt. I think I made him scared. He then came close to sniff my face.

I think they understand when something is wrong with you and try to understand. If you do not often cry ( and I hope you don’t), cats can become scared since they do not understand why you are upset. They may think that you and he are under attack from some predator.

  • How do cats show love?

Cats show love in many different ways, the most common I see is the purring, kneading, licking your face and your hands, sitting next to you, or on you, sleeping near you, blinking at you. You name it. All those are signs of cat love, I am sure there are more pieces of evidence of cats showing affection.


Do cats understand kisses? We have demonstrated cats understand kisses and that they understand much more then what they show. If you have more questions, please leave it in the comments below.


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